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In the likely case I don't get the newsletter out before the weekend, I just wanted to let you know that next week's challenge is embellishment. Be it embroidery, beading, applique, piping, sequins, etc... Because my machine is still broken and because I need a bit of a break, I'll be embellishing an existing creation but you can do a new one if you'd like.

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Well, if you head down to the Maker Faire this could sew there:P Kidding aside, enjoy your break.
Likewise - you deserve it!
I'm actually volunteering at the Burda booth at the Maker Faire this weekend. On Saturday from 1-5 for anyone who wants to stop by!
The kids and I will pop in and say 'hi'. We'll more then likely work on the project earlier in the day before it gets too crazy:)
This challenge will be fun. I love embroidery!

Mena, you are saving me from UFOs.  This week's RWB challenge got me to finish my atomic print blouse, and now I have a beading project I would like to finish.  What a good coincidence!  


(I also have a '40s dress cut out and marked, but I've only managed to make the self-covered belt and peplum.  Could next week's challenge be something along those lines?  ;)

Awesome Mena. I have just learnt a new technique and am dying to put it to use on a piece of clothing. Hang up the dancing costumes, time for some me sewing.
Ooh...I could go two routes with this one...finish embroidering my pajamas or make my new knit dress pattern that just arrived and embellish that! Enjoy your break!
Fun! Seems that I'll have to finish two things this week - scallop skirt and my hevily embellished bellydance costume.
I made a list of online tutorials and ideas for embellishment, as I was having a little trouble coming up with ideas:


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