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In the likely case I don't get the newsletter out before the weekend, I just wanted to let you know that next week's challenge is embellishment. Be it embroidery, beading, applique, piping, sequins, etc... Because my machine is still broken and because I need a bit of a break, I'll be embellishing an existing creation but you can do a new one if you'd like.

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Well, if you head down to the Maker Faire this could sew there:P Kidding aside, enjoy your break.
Likewise - you deserve it!
I'm actually volunteering at the Burda booth at the Maker Faire this weekend. On Saturday from 1-5 for anyone who wants to stop by!
The kids and I will pop in and say 'hi'. We'll more then likely work on the project earlier in the day before it gets too crazy:)
This challenge will be fun. I love embroidery!

Mena, you are saving me from UFOs.  This week's RWB challenge got me to finish my atomic print blouse, and now I have a beading project I would like to finish.  What a good coincidence!  


(I also have a '40s dress cut out and marked, but I've only managed to make the self-covered belt and peplum.  Could next week's challenge be something along those lines?  ;)

Awesome Mena. I have just learnt a new technique and am dying to put it to use on a piece of clothing. Hang up the dancing costumes, time for some me sewing.
Fun! Seems that I'll have to finish two things this week - scallop skirt and my hevily embellished bellydance costume.


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