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VIP Stash busting. We're using a very special piece of fabric from our stash -- the fabric we haven't been able to bring ourselves to use.


Followed by the next week: the 1970s.

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Oooooh - that's going to be a difficult one ... but an interesting challenge at the same time.

2m of gorgeous floral silk from an estate sale. I've been smart enough to know that I'm too novice to touch it

(until now maybe!)
darn - I've got a heap of special pieces that I haven't been game to use. (And one piece that I still definitely won't touch), but should be interesting.
Yes, I love the 70s! This will help me complete my 1970s Sewing through the decades AND I already have fabric and a pattern :) I am on vacation for VIP stash bust though, oh darn, lol.
I have a pattern from the 70's I have been 'oodling ' at for some time .Would love the excuse to force myself to sew it .Hopefully if I finish off the other project I am starting in time to start on next week's theme!

Oh my oh my oh my, this one is actually a bit scary!  Good though - I've got so many gorgeous pieces of VIP fabric.  Most of which I'm terrified to cut into.  Scary!!!!


And yay for the 1970's challenge!  The ideas are already racing around for that one.


Thanks for giving us two challenges at once.  :-)

Would it violate protocol to do these two backwards?  This morning hubby mentioned not just wanting a new buttonup, but one from "those antique patterns" ... KwikSew 70s-ish patterns my mom gave me the other month (just when in the 70s were KS patterns around $2 each?)


I can't cut into "the good stuff" I have been hoarding, petting, and hissing "My precious!" over until I nail down some pattern alterations for fit ...


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