The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Next week, we go Back to School with ... Plaid.


The following week we're dyeing and using fabric paints.

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Thanks for the heads up
very excited about dyeing, just hope I get the time to take part!
Dying sounds fun. Don't think I have any plaid in my stash so I think I'll have to sit that one out though.
Ooh you've set me thinking though. This: would look lovely made into a V. Westwood style bag (I'm a Murray originally).

I found a piece of plaid, unused, one of those mill skirt/dress lengths in an RSPCA shop a couple of weeks ago, so I'm all set!


All set for the dying too ...

Plaids! So funny ... however, return to school does not sound too fun ... Sorry, I was very bad student. LOL.
   Thanks, Mena, for giving us weekly challenges ahead, I have in mind my next wearing plaids and step ... begin to paint the following week, so take advantage of the time.This is a good idea. 
Yes! Plaid fits perfectly with my Autumn sewing plan!
I agree with Rosy - it's good to get advance notice and now that I'm, 'in the swing of things', it's much easier to make forward plans.
Yay! Plaid!  This means that I am already ahead on my challenges, and it fits in perfectly with my autumn sewing plans :o)
I think i can do this one! I have a tweedy something-something all ready to go.
Oh ditto - I love being ahead! I just made a new work outfit with some plaid accents for the fall.
Awesome - I just cut out a plaid jumper to sew this morning! Perhaps I'll actually be on time for one of the challenges :)


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