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Hi Ladies!

I don't know about the rest of you but I am really rather jealous over the UK meet-up. I was thinking it would be great to have a meet-up for those of us in New England...possibly having it in New York as that would really be appropriate. I live in there anyone else even close to me? If you know any bloggers not involved in the Sew Weekly in this area let me know so I can ask them, too!

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Hi! I am actually planning on meeting up with a few friends in NYC on June 17th to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit and then go shopping in the garment district.  Maybe we could combine things?
Maybe! Is anyone else at all free during that time?
Are any other SW members going that we know?
If my schedule aligns I would love to meet up with you, so dependent on work...!


  You know..I will be praying really hard that your work schedule will work this out for you.. You would love it.. and I would enjoy it  so much ....through your eyes .. Fun,fun,fun...

I'm in Baltimore, so that's not really New England, but a four hour bus ride to NYC is definitely doable. I'm not really likely to make a June 17th meet-up, but have been dreaming about trawling the garment district.

It is about four hours for me as well...that's probably why I've only been once! And if you can get here, we don't care where you are from :)

Whether or not people end up being able to do the 17th we can always plan another one later in the summer/early fall.

I'm in Montreal, but NYC is a quick cheap flight for me.  And I'm always looking for an excuse to go to NYC since it's been a few years.  ;)
Those of us on the west coast are going to be very jealous :)
Okay then, lets have a meet up on both coasts!
We had a very nice one with Mina a while back...maybe she'll get another one going.
I think she was just on the east coast, ironically (for Burdastyle Day, maybe?). I saw it on Oona's blog.


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