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Sewing is a skill that is handed down from generation to generation. Some of my family members sew- mi papa y mi tia. There's a certain amount of sewing knowledge that is invaluable through sewing circles. But, I did not recognize the importance of sewing until my 30's.  Now, I use the internet to read sewing blogs, view instructional videos on sewing, and attend sewing classes at a city college. Not to mention, the sewing books from the past to present. My sewing library reflects  my own personal journey with improving my sewing skills. So, do you have a sewing book that you go to when the sewing gets tough? Sewing evolves in stages. I remember looking for beginning sewing books in my earlier years, then I transitioned to fitting books, or all things vintage couture, and now I have discovered tailoring books. What books complete your own personal sewing library?? 

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Hi Aida, I too have many sewing resources, the one I reach for most frequently is the" Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing", I like it for its concise and clear instructions. I can also spend quite a bit of time having a "Google" gander at all things sewing, This year I have tried to master new techniques and advance my sewing skills, Is there a tailoring book you would recommend for the novice tailor?

Hello Michelle, I have read good reviews about the "Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing" on Amazon. If you need good tailoring books, I'll share the books that my sewing professor in tailoring recommends: McCall's Step-By-Step Sewing Book and Tailoring Singer Sewing Reference Library. Each of these books contains step-by-step pictures for us visual learners. The format of the pages is straightforward, concise and clear. I found these books on Ebay, both for less the $3.oo. Good luck!! 

Thank you Aida I will keep my eye out for those books. I do like the singer sewing reference books. I look forward to seeing you post some photos for the challenges soon. Happy sewing

Gracias Michelle, These sewing challenges are neat-o! Btw, I'm always up to something on my blog. If you have the time, you can swing by and visit me here . Do you blog? If so, let me know.

Hi Aida, No I dont Blog but I did visit yours today, I dont know how you fit it all into your busy life!

As well as sewing I will try my hand at any craft and I have a thriving vegetable garden that I love working in.

Iwill revisit your blogg for sure.

Hello Michelle, I think it helps that I don't any kids yet. The only ones I have are the ones I give back by 2:30 pm when the dismissal bell I tried keeping up with different hobbies, but I decided to narrow it down to sewing. I use to have a green thumb with an organic garden, but that hobby slowly dwindled. However, sewing has not lost it's steam. Thanks for visiting my blog:) 

Well Aida, I had one year of sewing in high school over 40 yrs. ago, and since then I've just learned by my own mistakes. I absolutely hated sewing in school and now absolutely love it!  Go figure. I have no books I refer to, just friends if I really get in a jam. I very rarly read a pattern, I just look at the picture as I go along sewing. It usually 98% of the time turns out great.  In a pattern I'll about always change something in it anyway.  I just bought a pattern off E-Bay that has a seperate bodice from the skirt, well when I go to cut it out, I'll tape them together and cut it out as one piece rather than two.  Just didn't like the look of the two pieces.  Not saying sometime I won't make it like that with some sort of trim or lace. 


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