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My sister has set a date for her wedding, 13th May this year ! I'm really looking forward to it but I have set my own challenge of making my outfit. Problem is I am rather new to dress making. Any ideas or general advice ?

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I know what you mean, someone kindly pointed me to a very good fabric website in the UK, who do quite cheap fabric which I find helps - it is worse if you spend a fortune and it doesn't work out. I have got fabric from them for £4 a metre which I thought very good.
Yes that is good. I kno I just want to sew everything insight and the cost does mount up. I dont know about you but I have little time for searching for patterns and fabrics, although I wish I did! ha ha ! thanks
I totally hear you on this - it's hard to not feel the pressure and be scared of the end result! I think one thing that becomes easier as you sew more is that most things are fixable. Rarely is a garment totally beyond some simple tweaks to make it work. Remember: it's supposed to be fun (overall!) I always think of sewing like golf - it can be super frustrating, but it's rewarding when you get a win!
this is what I've been telling myself, I also dont want this dress to be so important I dont get a chance to sew anything else. I think I'll gather my thoughts over the month and try out plenty of new patterns just to build my confidants and my wardrobe !
I reckon something simple could be very stylish.  You could have a fascinator to add some interest, together with matching shoes or bag.  Not everything matching though - maybe a bag in the same colour as the dress.
yes I will really enjoy accessory shopping.


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