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I've just finished the Swing dress sew-along where I made my first muslin. Now I am wondering what most people due with them once the adjustments to the pattern has been made. Do you save them with the pattern are re-use some of the fabric for the next one? Inquiring minds want to know.



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Good question! My muslins for the Swing Dress Sew-Along (I had two and a half versions) are now sitting in a stack without a clear fate. I am unsure what other folks do with theirs.
I never use a muslin template, so I dont know.. I imagine you would use as your master to repeat the pattern !
Once I make my adjustments to my muslin I use it as the pattern for future projects. Then again, I don't often make the same pattern twice, so sometimes I just reuse whatever I can of the muslin fabric for another project.
That is a good question! I'm bad and hardly ever make muslins, so I'm curious to know what happens to them, as well.
I keep them and hope I'll make another project where I can use some of the pieces for the muslins needed for that project.
I use muslins for two purposes, one to try out a pattern that I think will be difficult and I want to work through. I have decided against doing a few patterns because of the muslin. I also took a class based on "rub offs" making a pattern based on a RTW clothing. in that case I kept everything as reference, muslin and pattern since they go hand and hand.

For the most part I throw out the muslin and feel badly about doing that. It just feels odd to toss something out, but that's just me and my weird hang ups.
I keep the good one to use as a pattern template, but I usually chuck the old ones. It would be nice to find something better to do with them!
So I've got several suggestions for recycling a muslin.  I started donating them to animal rescue shelters to be used as cleaning cloths/stuffing/all manner of things.  Mechanics can always use plain cotton rags, too.
I've made many Muslins . Here's what I do. if I'm using a purchased pattern I fit it onto my form which I have padded to my measurements. I pin it against all the seam lines and adjust the fit draw a new line on it. I then remove the pattern and use the muslin as the pattern instead of the tissue.if I want to reuse the pattern I tape it to butcher block paper or staple it. Then it will fit perfect every time. It's good to do a basic sloper this way so you can create your own designs but they will always fit.


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