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Just noticed this morning that the new theme is up!  Week of October 10th... Musicals! What are your thoughts? Is your favorite musical going to be the same as what you use for inspiration for this challenge?


I'm excited for this one. Unfortunately my favorite is Phantom and I don't think I want some crazy gown for my outfit, but I'm going to go through my musical programs when I get home to get some ideas.  My musical piece may overlap with the Spanish Harlem (West Side Story) look I was trying to come up with. Ha!

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I can't think of a single musical or broadway deal that would go with maternity wear. So I think I'm going to make my daughter a full skirted dress with some eyelet trimmed pantaloons in honor of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
I looked up musicals with pregnant women and Hair came up. But alas, I don't know anything about it.  Your other idea sounds cute too!
Great Idea.. She will be adorable.
Samantha, what about Hairspray, people had tummys in that! You could do something 60's and empire line - could be really cute!  Or your idea sounds great too!
Have just been looking at

It's amazing for inspiration!
Wow, that site is awesome! I'm going to have some fun checking out shows and costumes on there. Thanks for the link!

I doubt I will have this one finished in time for the challenge but I definitly have Michaels suit on my sewing list for my son (as long as he's to young to complain about short trousers ;-) )
An doesn't Mary Poppins have the best style ever? One of my favorite movies!

That's a cute idea! I don't think I even realized there was a Mary Poppins musical (aside from the Disney film). I was debating doing Mary Poppins and Bert for Halloween as my hubby can't figure out what he wants to be.
I actually haven't seen the musical, I think it never played in Germany, but I think the film is kind of a musical in itself.  Love the idea of Mary and Bert costumes, wich scene were you thinking about? There are just to many great costumes in this movie...

I did some searching through old programmes and the web and found some pics for inspiration:





Mama Mia:

Miss Saigon:



Sunset Boulevard:



Personally, I'm leaning towards Sunset Boulevard or even Les Miserables.  I thought it might be neat to do something kinda inspired by the French Revolution military jackets.  We'll see... I have a couple weeks to get moving on this.


Oh, and these are just a few musicals I looked through. Some were too much in the way of leotards (Cats, Chorus Line, Starlight Express) but I think they could still be cool for some conceptual inspiration.

I think this will be a really fun challenge! I love when I have lots of time to gather inspiration photos and think about options for what to make. There's so much to choose from here as well... A lot of these musicals have songs that I've loved and sung since I was just a little kid. Also I think for a challenge like this one, to be able to make something that's wearable elsewhere than costume parties, it's a good plan to not go too literal on the actual stage outfits for the musicals but just use them for inspiration. One thought of mine was to go with Phantom of the Opera and make a white fluffy lacy blouse instead of a whole dress... but I haven't decided yet (another one was to go with Cats and make a pair of cat ears on a headband, haha!). :-)

I love your Phantom idea! When I initially read the theme, all I could think about was a full on gown, but then I tried to pull back and think of just being 'inspired' by the musical instead.  That would be a great interpretation of a Phantom outfit though. :)


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