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Just noticed this morning that the new theme is up!  Week of October 10th... Musicals! What are your thoughts? Is your favorite musical going to be the same as what you use for inspiration for this challenge?


I'm excited for this one. Unfortunately my favorite is Phantom and I don't think I want some crazy gown for my outfit, but I'm going to go through my musical programs when I get home to get some ideas.  My musical piece may overlap with the Spanish Harlem (West Side Story) look I was trying to come up with. Ha!

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I love your Phantom idea! When I initially read the theme, all I could think about was a full on gown, but then I tried to pull back and think of just being 'inspired' by the musical instead.  That would be a great interpretation of a Phantom outfit though. :)

I would love to do a late 30s look from Reefer Madness, one of my favorite musicals. However Singing in the Rain is just fabulous. There are too, too many to pick from!

This website has a decent list of musicals:


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