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It's mothers Day in the Souther Hempshere today - what I really want is to finish my Vintage Apron and forget that mountain of laundry and dishes piling up!  Have a lovely day, Trish x

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Happy Mothers Day to all you Sew weekly Mom's..Hope you have a great day..
I'd do just that if I were you (it is Mother's Day after all)!  Dishes can wait 'til tomorrow!  Have a great day ...
Oh I agree, let the dishes and laundry wait, do what you want to do on this special day!

And yes, to all, a very Happy Mother's Day!

I had breakfast in bed this morning with my two little ones!  Such a beautiful day here in Toronto, We are going to go for a walk, and i will let my husband make dinner. 


Happy Mothers Day to all!


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