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Mollie Makes - a UK magazine but elsewhere you can buy a digital copy

I have a subscription to Mollie Makes. Not really dressmaking but other crafts (embroidery, felt, crochet, a small amount of knitting, design ideas). Lovely to look at. I got my January copy through the post on Saturday. Sarai Mitnik of Colette patterns has a feature this month and a great idea for a faux fur collar.


Thought you might like to know. xxx

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Charlotte, love that you always sharing great finds.. thanks

you have a subscription, lucky you. I have nearly all the MM and to be honest I concider them crafting porn, I just look and lust at the pictures but never make any thing. It's still worth it though! x x x x

tee hee, crafting porn, you are so right, I even like the paper it's printed on. I did make some crocheted flowers out of one of them, but usually it is a big excise in lusting after the pics x


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