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This is my first time using the Sorbetto pattern from Colette. It looks easy enough. However, I ran into a bit of a problem: the fabric remnant I want to use is not quite wide enough. When I lay the pattern out, it hangs over on either edge. Not a big deal, I figure I can creative problem solve and use a second fabric to create a yoke (and maybe have enough to make sleeves too, as it's cold as all get out here). 

So here's my question: what is the best way to go about making a yoke for the Sorbetto? I've looked at these tutorals: 

Mostly, I guess, I'm just looking for confirmation that I'm on the right track before I go and hack into the pattern and fabric! 

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It looks like you're on the right track! You can always try a muslin first if you're not sure, but these look about right.

It's a pretty boxy pattern, it can be refined for sure and the center pleat can be altered a million different ways (so I learned after making it 5 times, all different). I think you have it figured out.

I think it's a great adition and it makes your own...I had modified mine too

Hi Tina,

  I think a yoke is a great idea.. I think the sorbetto pattern has been done in tons of different ways..

the sights you gave...looks right on to me..  I did a western yoke on one of the sorbettos that I did. I

basically used the same directions as your last   one..

  Looking forward to seeing your sorbetto..  Happy sewing.


Between Judy, myself and many others on SW we have all made so many Sorbettos. Just go for it! It's such a great pattern!

Thanks ladies! I think I just mostly needed a kick in the duff to get it going! 

Okay then, you have been officially kicked. Can't wait to see your version!


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