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Mobile phone dilemma: should I get an iphone? Would the sewing apps be worth it?

The battery on my trusty mobile has given up the ghost and gone to that great mobile phone warehouse in the sky. I use my phone for: making the odd call, occasional texting. That's about it. I don't have a contract and I put about £10 credit on every three months - I am not a heavy phone user!


Stay with me, there is a sewing question in there soon....


I have a hankering for an iphone. Have you got one? Have you got any sewing apps? I think someone mentioned they did (was it Debbie?). Do you use your phone for something sewing related? What do you think?

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I have an HTC, I dont know of any sewing apps but I love the photo apps, the fashion apps and I love that I can check the  sewweekly site and participate as I would in a pc. I cannot live without mine photo now. I also dont like calling too much s I prefer to meet my friends instead. My contract is £20 and I have umlimented internet ,400 min and 1000 text.  hope it helps... btw you looked fab on with your prince inspired outfit !

thanks Rachel, that's really helpful... I'll keep thinking!


I LOVE your Hitchcock photo this week, you look very scary!

thanks... so good to able to be silly on the photos...

Hi Charlotte - I have an Iphone and love it.  There are sewing apps that you can download - I have to admit that I don't use them a lot, but it is handy when I'm out shopping for patterns or fabric.


The Iphone is so much more than a phone - you can use it for music, photos, games (which I don't use), there are apps for just about anything you can think of, email, the internet is always at your fingertips - and you can stay in touch with Sew Weekly no matter where you are!


Before I got mine, I really didn't think I would use it much .... but I do.  Good Luck!

Debbi, I almost got the iphone. Its really good too. Can you live without yours? I canot bare to think I will leave mine behind hehe Its advictive.

It would be very difficult to live without it now (lol) - I have had a smart phone for the last 5 years, but none as much fun as the Iphone (or phones like it). 


Charlotte - if you want to check out the sewing apps - have a "Google" of them first - the one I use is called Sewing Kit.  There is a "free" version of it - but it will only allow you to save a few patterns - so you do need to buy it (I think it was about AU$12). 


One thing you MUST make sure you have covered in your plan/prebuy for Iphone or similar is the amount of data (download/internet) access you will need.  It can be VERY expensive (well here in Australia) if you dont have a data plan or go over your data limit (as a friend found out the hard way!).



Have a look here:


and I know you are into crochet as well ....




Thank you so much Debbie, how good of you  to give me the links, I've just spent a happy 10 minutes having a first look at the crochet blog you recommended and now I have more goodies to look at - great advice about the data access, I will be sure to ask. I don't have a contract right now so I am a bit naive about it all!


Thank you xx

I recently tripped and smashed the screen of my Nokia - such a shame!


Then i asked my boss for an iphone - as everyone else in the company was getting ipads!  He gave me his old iPhone 3 - I love it.  The menus are so much easier than Nokia - you would never go back.  I havent had a bill yet - so hopefully my facebooking and surfing arent too excessive!  Love the aps, havent found sewing aps yet - but I will have  a look.  My kids love the games too.

Have this morning downloaded Sewing Kit Lite - seems great, it was free, If I need to store more than 5 patterns at a time - I will buy the full version - I have been wanting something like this.
I've got an iphone and I love it, so easy to use! Although I've not got any sewing apps yet. Just having a look at some of them and will download the freebees to see what they are like and report back :)
Thanks Trish and Kirsty, I am definitely moving towards an iphone, just need to justify it in my head ;0) it is really useful to hear your experiences.

I love my iPhone! It's my first smart phone and really I don't know how I lived with out it before! I was a minimal phone user before I got my iPhone-just minutes, no text, no data plan and the only person who called my was my husband. While my husband is still pretty much the only person who calls me, I use my iPhone all the time! I don't use any sewing apps, but there are tons of other cool apps out there. Plus I love getting to check my facebook and email on the go! It's super easy to navigate, which is really one of the best things about Apple products in my opinion! They really put a lot of thought into making it user friendly!


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