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Hello all!


My husband loves this shirt and I know it would look fabulous on him.  But I don't love the price tag! I want to find a pattern so I can make him something very similar. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sarah :)

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hmmmm...I wonder if you could use just a basic shirt pattern and then piece the three fabrics together on each side?  Cool shirt, I like it--definitely provides a challenge!!
Do a quick search for bowling shirts and you get quite a few hits.
Thanks!! A commenter on my blog suggested Kwik Sew 3484, which I think I'll go with.  I have decided not to be a lazy stitcher (LOL!) and draft the front myself, as Debi suggested. :)
sorry I'm of no help. Colette did a lovely mens shirt that I may make for my husband (one day) but unfortunatley it's the wrong style for you.

Hi Sarah,


I made the shirt below for a guy at work using 1977 Style 4388. It's essentially a pyjama top but Jeff was happy with it as a loose fitting shirt - I just added more buttons. The overlap around the collar at the front can be reduced by putting more buttons in higher up (which is what I did). I'm not sure if the pattern is close enough to your photo or not - I could be super way off but thought I'd share the pattern I've used just in case. Please excuse the photo - the shirt does look better on - in the photo it just looks like a gigantic shapeless mess!


That's a sweet shirt for sure!

Charlotte mentions Colette's Negroni pattern, here's the link:
If you can believe, my husband actually sews and made this shirt. He loved the pattern and the directions and feels this is the best written pattern he has ever used. This is a man who can draft his own patterns! The actual pattern has lots of variations which makes it even better!

Not sure if the Negroni is what you are looking for. You might have to just go for the lounge shirt, it does have a great vibe! Please share when you have completed it!


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