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Have you heard about Me Made June '11?  If not, the details are over here:


It looks like a few of us have signed up for the challenge, which should be fun!  :-)  So, who's taking part?  How far are you planning on taking the challenge?  (One me-made item a day?  A full outfit?  Etc?)  How often are you going to put your outfit photos up?

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Coincidence, I was just over there finally putting in my sign-up statement! This will be my 4th time at bat and going for solely me-made except underwear/hosiery/shoes this time, so it will be very challenging again- I need to get going on spring coat and something jeansy.  (Also some recent weight fluctuations mean my last year's arsenal of me-mades not necessarily at my disposal unless I get around to devoting some major energy to alterations, boo.) 

As for posting photos, I try to keep at it daily because otherwise I fall too far behind in the photostream in terms of checking out everyone else's postings too- posting daily helps me keep better up to speed.  ['helps'- let's face it, I always fall behind- probably because I always have overly optimistic sewing goals for the month! :) ]

I am going to try...

I attempted to do self-stitched September last year but had to drop out.  This time i think it will be easier because the weather will be warmer, and i have lots of handmade summer clothes.  I am planning on doing at least one self-made or refashioned item a day.  haven't worked out how i will do the photos yet.

I'm participating! Presently, I'm planning on wearing a full me-made outfit each day. I generally wear me-made outfits anyway, so that part shouldn't be too hard. The difficult thing for me will be figuring out how to make my outfits interesting. 


Unless it gets too hectic, I'll try posting photos each day. Like Hillary, I don't want to get too far behind! And it's fun to see what others are wearing--lots of inspiration.

Heya, I'm doing my first me made month and I am so excited but nervous I won't have enough stuff.

I'm frantically sewing tops and hopefully getting to grips with some trousers so I won't get bored of re-wearing the 11 or so things I already have.

Its all about the bulk cutting.

I try to blog everyday so hopefully doing a post a day won't be too difficult!

oh, how wonderful... Its on my list of self challenges to subscribe to "any me made month ". but i will do later in the year.
I've never made it through a whole me-made month yet, so that is my ultimate goal for MMJ! I'm doing one thing a day and thank god for Sew Weekly or I wouldn't even stand a chance.
OOOOH... I could wear handmade every day for the month..but getting pictures taken and  posted EVERY day..eeeh.. I think I will refrain.hahhaha..


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