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I try to sew a blouse.

I cut all the pieces , but the topcollar is larger then the undercollar.

I'm sure there is some kind of reason for this, but I have no idea how to assemble them.

Any ideas?

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I know the reason - it's to make it fold smoother. When you fold the collar the only way to be able to keep it perfectly flat is to have the top part just a tiny bit bigger than the bottom. I've been miserable over these things as well and haven't been able to find any instructions as to how to make it work. Depending on how much bigger the top collar is maybe you can hold in the with and sew them together? Worked for me, but then the difference was maybe less than 1cm on each side...

You can find the answer here !

Happy sewing!

Thank you, I think I understand the why now. I guess I just will have to try it :-)


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