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Ages ago I remember seeing a very useful link to a blog that explained how to match plaid. At the time I swear I saved it as a favourite. Can I find it again? Of course not. So I googled and googled and found this fab helpful article here. Hope you like it.


I'm pretty sure it is not the original link because I remember alot of pinning was involved. If anyone knows where that article was I'd be much obliged....


In the meantime, I confess, I checked with our TSW nominated Anglo-American language expert Cathe because I wasn't 100% sure what plaid was. She confirms that it is tartan. (Thanks Cathe for responding without laughing at me.) I have found out why there is a difference I think, here's an interesting article about the history of tartan (plaid).


And that last sentence is definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write ;0)


Is it plaid or tartan where you live?



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I'm going punk on my plaid, rage against the system and claim I didn't want it to match anyway, that's so conformist and I'm an individual..... (OK, so I couldn't get all the pieces to match, sssssh, don't tell)


Judy - I just have the hem to do! I did most of the lining last night, I am DETERMINED to get a challenge in on time before my birthday ;0)

Perfect, who needs to match?! You are right, it would be conforming to the plaid and that would be ridiculous. I agree, show your individual spirit!

Oh what else could you squeeze in before the official day? I'm loving your birthday, very inspirational on doing it right!

I'm in on that too. I do try to make an effort when cutting to put the pieces I know are together next to eachother and use a particular line to match up but it never works all the way round.

My cape isn't even together yet! But i'll post pictures of my skirt on my mannequin later! x


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