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I haven't been sewing much since I've been pregnant, but on a whim I decided to look through patterns online today and came across Marfy under "Other Brands" on the McCall's website. I've only browsed the dresses so far, but a number of them seem quite retro inspired, particularly 30's/40's.  Has anyone sewn any of these? The line drawings look quite pretty, but it would be nice to see something actually made up.

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Alright, I'm totally dreaming here, I would start with this dress/tunic:
I think I *might* be able to go without instructions...

Debbie please be our tester and report back to us...or should this be one of the challenges, use a pattern without instructions! That would be really interesting!

 I  love the pattern.. But, I want you to do it first..then I will "cheat" and get the instructions from you.

ha,ha ha

  anxious to see what you sew on " sewing vaccation Friday"..have fun.

I was up until 1am sewing, almost done with Lisette, just need to add a collar and hem the bottom.

Lack of instructions scares me, but I admit I don't always read instructions or jump to a conclusion before completely reading through the directions, I get lost in the moment. Maybe someday I'll tackle one of these patterns. I do think they have a lot of merit, very unique and fresh! Those Italians, so cutting edge!

 I agree with you .beautiful.. I too , dont always do all the instructions.But I like the idea that they are there, just in

   Wow... you worked last night.. can't wait to see the tunic. I saw on line where Hancocks patterns will be on sale next week..So hope to get some Lisette then.. Have fun.


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