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I haven't been sewing much since I've been pregnant, but on a whim I decided to look through patterns online today and came across Marfy under "Other Brands" on the McCall's website. I've only browsed the dresses so far, but a number of them seem quite retro inspired, particularly 30's/40's.  Has anyone sewn any of these? The line drawings look quite pretty, but it would be nice to see something actually made up.

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Hi Kristin..

 I have never heard of them..Thankyou for sharing.. You have peeked my interest, I am fixing to go look.. Happy Sewing.

I've never heard of them but went and had a look - I want some! But it says they're only available for postage within the US and Canada. From the "about" page they seem very different from "normal" patterns - I liked this list:


• Do not have cutting layouts
• Do not have seam allowances
• Do not have hem allowances
• Do not have instructions for assembly


Some of the patterns look quite complex so it would be interesting to do without instructions for assembly!

Wow they have some great designs.  I too have never seen them but now I'm very curious. Kristin, thanks for calling them out!
Hi Kristin! I have recently discovered them as well.  They are an Italian pattern company.  The only hitch is that they don't come with instructions at all.  It's basically the pattern pieces with minimal writing on them and no seam allowances.  I absolutely adore their designs and you're right, they are very vintage-inspired. I was thinking of maybe buying one this spring/summer to give it a try.  For UK shipping, I believe you can order straight from their website:
with no instrustions ect I think I will be keeping away from these, I need all the help I can get!
Charolette, I went and looked at them..Really cute patterns..but I agree...I dont want one with out instructions.. sometimes I have a rough time with instructions.ha..
Ok, now I'm curious and off to have a look as well!
I don't think I'm ready to sew something without instructions, but if I could....I LOVE this dress.
Me too..
ooh its lovely.
Wow love it too but I agree, without instruction I would really be at a loss! It's tempting!

Just had a quick look at the Marfy patterns - they are beautiful.  I think I am going to be brave and give one a whirl - but which one to choose????


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