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Make This Look in reverse - I found Kat's skirt in the shop today!


I went shopping today, to my favourite RTW shop, a British chain called Monsoon.


Look what I found:


I was really taken with it but couldn't think why.... until I remembered this:


Tee hee - the shop version costs £55!

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Everyone welcome... [Isnt it sad...we all live across the world from each other...and I feel like

I know you all so well!!}

  Cassandra--  I am in the northren part of Ms. I am right at the Tenn. border..  What part of Tx are

you from? My son goes on hunting trips in Tx alot..He loves Texas for the deer.ha.


  Rachel.. you are very welcome..I just told the truth..

I think we could suggest Mena to have an "aplique" theme...


and I glad you will try it...

Tee hee, that's so funny you found a skirt like mine! :-)

I like the doileys they've put on it - been thinking about experimenting with doileys on garments, and now I've seen this I think I may have to try it very soon!

I got a book for my birthday that suggests using doileys on cardigans, those little drinks coaster ones, and putting a vintage button in the middle of each - you are right, would make a good skirt addition too!

Hi Charlotte , I found the reverse aplique technique on a blog I follow....
Thanks Rachel, that's super helpful x
Rachel, this is beautiful. Have you tried it? Wonder how hard it is to do?
Not yet...but I think I will in one of my Xmas gifts...


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