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Make This Look in reverse - I found Kat's skirt in the shop today!


I went shopping today, to my favourite RTW shop, a British chain called Monsoon.


Look what I found:


I was really taken with it but couldn't think why.... until I remembered this:


Tee hee - the shop version costs £55!

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Great spotting...
Amazing Charolette. It does look like Kat's skirt. tooo cute.

I didn't buy it though....


Even though my sewing is rubbish I can't bring myself to pay out so much now..... I am stuck in a sort of skirt purgatory  - I have no skirt, I don't want to buy a skirt because they are too expensive and I want the satisfaction of making it, I don't have the time/energy to make a skirt, my sewing ability is quite poor so a skirt I make won't be as nice....... aaaaaargh


Don't feel too sorry, I did get fabulous boots ;0)

You're sewing is not rubbish Charlotte!!!! You can totally make that skirt.. I believe in you.. you've made beautiful and far more complex things already... (and don't tell me that your sewing teacher did it.. you did it!) - and if memory serves you've already made a very similar shaped skirt to the one above. Actually.. remember that black one you started. Some double sided iron on adhesive to help with the applique and you're almost there.

ps. this was supposed to sound supportive and all 'power to you'... not like I'm your mother telling you off ok. heheh.


  so happy you got your boots.. Can't wait to see them with a "new -made by Charolette skirt".. you have made some beautiful items. and I so agree with Casey--- the teacher didnt make it, YOU DID!!!. and I know you can do more and more skirts!!!! Remember the beautiful ginger skirt you  made why not lengthen the ginger pattern , it has the same shape...Wish you were closer, I would applique some circles on it for you [not me  but rather my embroidery  machine, it does the work,ha] Hey could send it to

      I so understand how you couldnt bring yourself to pay that for the skirt in town.. Sewing does that to you.. I am the same way.. ha

Happy sewing my buddy.

Thanks Casey and Judy, how lovely and supportive you both are, I can't believe you remember that awful skirt I made Casey, how embarrassing. Actually I have made a skirt that shape, as you say, for a MTL challenge - in fact it was the first sewweekly challenge I ever did back in Jan/Feb I think! A+ to you Casey. AND it was a copy of another Monsoon skirt - I am beginning to suspect they only make one skirt pattern in Monsoon and just vary the fabric.

After reading your comments I feel really positive and I will go and get that pattern out again!


Then watch out Judy, I am going to find out how much a plane to Blue Mountain would be so we can share a cup of tea and you can help me with my applique..... I wish xxx


I know that you can do it. Plus if you go to Blue Mountain I want to go too.  Can't wait to see your skirt....


Thanks for your kind support Casandra... maybe we should all go to visit Judy together? I expect she would make us feel very welcome, it would be so much fun x
I would to visit Judy too...
Hi Cassandra..  You can join our tea/cookie party too.ha
Now..Miss Charolette..wouldnt that be fun.... I'll get the tea ready and even add some homemade

Now you are talking! Get the kettle on.... I want to see your fabric stash, and talk and talk and talk and talk about sewing with you and I hope Kenny is going to show us his coke museum too xxx what fun we would have!


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