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Ok, I would like to try and join the made by me for June, but I have an entire week in the woods (Camp Mather planned in June and I have no idea what to make that would work well. Any idea my crafty ladies (and gents)? Looking for pattern ideas (I like vintage) as well as fabric thoughts.

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How about some Ruby shorts in twill (or linen-like cotton or midweight gingham?) and you could do a sleeveless version or two of Violet blouse like in linen or a soft, lightweight cotton chambray- I find it wears well, and while it will wrinkle, it doesn't look so bad for the wrinkles.  That's what I'd do if I were looking for a vintage-esque warm-weather camping ensemble.  There are always a lot of cute "sporty" vintage patterns particularly from the 60s around on ebay and etsy too.  


But then I took another look and focused on "in the woods" and at higher altitude- hm, last time I went camping in the woods in June I needed a wool sweater and thermals...   Did they give you average temperature info?


Imaginary wardrobe planning/fabric shopping though, always a good time!

In years past we have had anywhere from 80s to high 50s.....June is hard to tell. Here's hoping for the former. Thank you for the ideas!


I don't have any clear pattern suggestions, and I don't know the bug/tick situation at Camp Mather. Generally, synthetics are better for camping if you're doing heavy amounts of hiking or other physical activity, particularly if it gets chilly. Wools are good too, as they continue to breathe even when wet. I liked this summary of wardrobe suggestions to give you a sense of basics: 

I'll see if I can't find some decent patterns to post.

Hi Shannon,


I replied to your previous discussion regarding outdoor wear patterns with all the links I could find for vintage pants (and one snow suit!) but I've since discovered Wearing History patterns! They have (what I think) is one of the cutest coat patterns ever, originally drafted from a 1930s pattern. It's called the 1930s Awahnee Coat. They also have the "1930s Smooth Sailing Sports Togs Pattern" - it includes a cute shirt, pants and shorts pattern (bargain!).


That said, I have no idea what the weather is like in your corner of the world or how much time you have to sew the new outfits!

Yes, thank you for the other posts. With all the talk about Made by Me, I thought I could see if there were any other suggestions. I am thinking shorts (I need some new ones anyways), shirts and maybe a swimsuit. I am hoping to get some other ideas to see if I can give this thing a try:)


Wow, just had a look at that camp site - it looks incredible! Good luck with your sewing, hope you're able to make lots of things you love. Would love to see a me-made swimsuit, that would be amazing!

Maybe this pattern would give you some flexible options? 

This pattern is perhaps a little too 80's, but the pockets are nice. You'd even have some relaxed tops that may work...


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