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Made by me but not for me !!! What did you make for someone else?

When you start sewing, there is always a question when you show a project to someone _ "Can you make me one?" Or maybe a gift with more personality was the motivation.


What have you sew/made for someone else? Please share pictures too.


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Don't be afraid of the bag's they're not so hard (no fitting issues with a bag!) I recommend a book called The Bag Making Bible for some basics, I'm trying to get a nice pile of bags to sell at a fayre (of course all bags need to be road tested first!) and am working on a new design (currently UFO in the sewing room, gah!)

The cape is not a cape but a Henry VII style tunic thing and it was the most horrendous thing I've made, I swear I broke 500 needles with this thing, velvet and upholstery fabric = nightmare!  It's made from this pattern he loves it so the nightmare was worth it :)

that pattern is awesomeness! it makes it (a bit more) worth it when they love it...


i made a diaper bag once for a new momma, my first bag ever. the horror.

This is a lot more than a few things and BTW they are awesome things! Love them all! Thanks for sharing visuals!

I havent made much... here it are:

This is only my second dress ever, and I didnt like much but a friend love it, so she took it !



There a couple of bags:


Some sachets:




This one is for my mom and my cousin Ale is cooking with it !

and 2 litte girls dresses !






you make a LOT. of STUFF. for OTHER PEOPLE!!! how do you find time for yourself?! 


i'm with your friend, i so would have swiped that dress from you. i have the perfect red earrings and tan belt to go with it. (don't tell your friend, though, she can't have them.)

I think I would take the dress too ...

Well, this is over the almost 2 years of sewing and kid stuff its quick...I feel like i could do much more .

I been asked to do a vitorian costume for Dickens festival - but I just froze and said I didnt had the experience...

I wont teel my friend about the earing...  ;o)

the good think its that i miss her- she moved back home in Demark, so i feel she took a bit of me on my dress.. !

 Callie  [grandaughter] in her  Dr. Seuss dress. I made for Dr.Seuss week.Emily and Callie [grandaughters ] Easter dresses  2 yrs agoEmily [grandaughter in wizard of oz costume Amy and Ashlee [twin grandaughters] made them princess jumpers

wowwww so adorable...


thankyou...all of them are rotten.ha



sewing for children. i have trouble with it. 


they look so cute, though, i can see where it's worth it :)))

Your girls are all gorgeous Judy, so lucky to get all this lovely sewing from their Maw x


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