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Made by me but not for me !!! What did you make for someone else?

When you start sewing, there is always a question when you show a project to someone _ "Can you make me one?" Or maybe a gift with more personality was the motivation.


What have you sew/made for someone else? Please share pictures too.


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HA!! i'l tell ya, sewers should only sew for each other. they know how much work went into it!
Are you not happy your friend is happy?
Wow dress!
That is fab! Tell her you need it for a 'Sew Weekly' photoshoot and see if she remembers when you conveniently forget to return it ... (wicked!).
marguerite: it's in my closet RIGHT NOW. it accidentally came home from work with me. then it accidentally jumped on my body for a couple photos. i don't think she remembers, but ruggy says i have to give it back. freaking southern men.

okay i just thoroughly gunked up this post hemming and hawing between replying in a single comment or replying separately. anal retentiveness can be quite annoying.


i wanna see some peep's pics! (cathe, i think we need a wide angle shot of your parent's home).

Oh it's ridiculously hideous! I have vowed to stop the over kill of crafting!


AND, Ruggy is wrong, you do not need to give the dress back! This is a pack of women telling you to keep it, what more endorsement is needed?!

HA!  i thought that was hysterical. i just told ruggy. he stared at me with great concern.

I've made a few things for other people, mostly bags though, but I did make a costume for my sister and my fiance.


(Here are some pic's just for Oona! :) but nothing as gorgeous as that dress!)


bags! constructed bags! bags scare the bejesus out of me!


i love the red & blue ones especially, and oh. that cape. that cape is FAB. if fiance wore that on the lower east side, the sartorialist would most likely snap a picture.

agreed !


I love the bags!  It's something I want to have a try at.  I did make some shoppers/holdalls in furry Cow print, Giraffe and Dalmation for a Christmas fair and I sold out!  I've bought some more fur in but I just haven't had time to do anything with it yet... 


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