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I've been wanting to copy Joan's Wave Dress for about a year now, and I have a pattern to use for the base sheath dress, and the sleeve ruffles are straightforward,  but that neck ruffle confounds me.  I don't have any patterns like that to use; I'm thinking that it is a regular peter-pan style collar in the back, then it flares out into a circular ruffle in the front.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I start wasting loads of fabric trying to drape this shape?!?


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I know I'm more into tutorials and less into patterns, but if it helps:

I think for this kind of collar I'd make a peter pan collar and just make super long front edges, attach the collar normally, and then play with folding the resulting dangly front. It looks like the left edge overlaps the right, but they seem to be about the same length.

I can't tell for sure, but I think the center front point is joined. So not a Peter Pan collar, just an oblong round thing that is folded up as in Jessica's tutorial. I think you're just going to have to make a muslin and give it a few tries. 

Thanks Jessica, Elizabeth.  I think I'll start with the back section of the peter pan collar I have, and play around with various ruffles / circular ruffles / gathers until it looks good.  I think it will have to be done carefully to make sure it lies flat, not stiffly upwards like a Elizabethan neck ruff!   I have some blue wool suiting and some cream silk for the lining, so the only thing holding me back now is time.  Oh, time. 

I don't know if this helps but I have seen someone recreate this dress here she gives a little info on the collar but she may be able to give more if you message her :)

Thank you thank you thank you!  I was thinking that the front must be >=1 circular ruffle, but this gives me a closer look.  What a great find! I'll send her a message if I get stuck.

You've made my day!  :)

No worries!  When I saw which one you wanted to make I knew I had seen someone else blog it, just had to find it!


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