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Could anyone suggest a look alike pattern for this Modcloth dress? I would really like to make it.




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This is super cute. love it

It´s not entirely the same, but Simplicity 3673 might be a start, perhaps? 

The first thing that jumped to my mind was Simplicity 3673 too.  You'd just have to draft a narrow collar and add some short sleeves from another pattern.  (I mean, *I'd* just have to draft a collar and sleeves, since I have this pattern, and I'd have the cutest dress for winter  ;)  I get the best inspirations from all of you members!
Thank you for the suggestion. That does look like a very close match. I've never drafted a collar before, but I guess the sleeve would be easy to do, if you just borrow it from another pattern. Thanks again:)
Good luck with the dressmaking! :-)
This is so cute! How about Simplicity 3673 altered to have sleeves??
Im totally going to make this now! I've been lusting over that dress for a while now and I have that pattern. Now I just have to choose a fabric.

The very top is from simplicity 4783 (1963 pattern available on Etsy).


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