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If anyone is planning on doing the Halloween challenge and would like to fill in for Sarah next week, please message me.

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I'm doing it, but as I've already done a 'fill-in' then I think someone else deserves a try, so I won't be throwing my hat in the ring this time.  Look forward to seeing what happens!
As much as I love sew weekly, doing every challenge on time is not for me. But if we are able to nominate I would say Kazz, Diane from marguerite designs, and Casey too.
Ta very much Charlotte but I'm not going to volunteer this time because I really want someone else to have a go.
kids  costumes counts?
Hm, I might be up for it! I need something to kick me back into sewing, haven't been doing any this week :)
Damn I've already put mine up on the site. I could take it down! I'd love a try!
How lovely to see Kat on the main site, I just love her outfits and ideas, I am so pleased she was chosen x

Proud to see Kat , was chosen.. She always comes up with great ideas for each challenge.

Agree, well done and she's done a lot for us as a community too. 
Well said Diane, good point, the swaps Kat has organised have been so much fun!
Thanks ladies!  I really appreciate your support - you girls rock!  :-)
Well done Kat


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