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Do you have a favourite website, or is there a blog you love to read?  Have you found some resources you would like to share with the Sew Weekly community?  Leave a description and a link here, it could be just the information someone is looking for!

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Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric?  You can do it here.  Today a friend showed me a metre of fabric that she had designed - how cool is that?  Check out Spoonflour - you could be the next Amy Butler!!

Hi - if you have an Iphone, have a look at this ap -  Sewing Kit.  It is a nifty way to keep track of what patterns you have, what fabric is in your stash etc.  The free version only allows you to enter 5 patterns - but is a good way to have a look at the ap.  It is linked to the major pattern companies and when you load the pattern number it does a search of their data base for the envelope pictures and details.  It doesn't seem to have old patterns in the database, but you can just take a piccie and upload that. 


The ap is limited in some things, but overall is handy to have when shopping for fabric and patterns.

I especially like this blog


especially as this vintage girl isn't a tiny size!

Hi Charolette.

  I checked out this sight..and I loved it.. that girl is doing some cute stuff.. Loved the yellow check dress with the tabs..

   I know I spent 30 minutes on there reading. I MUST get off the computer and quit reading all these blogs or I will get NO sewing done.ha

  thanks for posting that.. enjoyed it. Judy

this is not a link as such but a note jaycotts sewing people have a half price on New look patterns at the moment which makes them £3 each ( I really like them as some of them are very easy and you get a real sense of value for money ) all other patterns vouge ect have 10% off too.
thanks Charlotte!

John Lewis are selling New Look for £2.45 each at the moment.

omg! can anyone do cheaper???? thanks Diane!
I was looking for help fitting the other night and stumbled across this; it's from Texas A&M and is a collection of PDF files discussing various pattern alterations and changes that might need to be made, from sway backs to bust adjustments. I thought it was very helpful, and a good 101!
Thanks Jen, THis was helpful.. Even though I have been sewing for years.I am just now getting into the vintage patterns.. and they are DEFINTELY not sized like todays patterns.  I have been fortunate that the regular pattern companies patterns fit me pretty well , with not much changing.  so, I am trying to learn to size patterns ..[no fun],ha.. thanks,Judy
Oh, good, glad it was helpful to someone! It's funny, the couple of vintage patterns I've played with tend to fit me better than the modern ones. But the fitting info is always helpful...even if it doesn't apply to me, I often find it helps me understand what does.
I just spotted this on tv and then found the website - looks most interesting. The Golden Age  Vintage Made to Measure in the Melbourne GPO. Specialises in 30's to 50's dresses, coats and suits.


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