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So, for the blue challenge I'm making a long sleeved dress out of rayon. I have everything pretty much well and done, but the sleeves are really limited as to the motion range. I can get my arms straight out and anything more than that, the dress lifts and its a pain in the butt to get it off! The back piece itself seems to fit well to my body, but  maybe that's the issue?? Or the sleeve... any ideas, suggestions, etc I'd love to hear 'em! 

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So a lot of people commented here that the range of motion was just generic of the era. Would something like an underarm gusset help to increase mobility? My understanding of gussets are still a little uncertain, so maybe I'm totally off...

Hi Emma, I see some signs of the armhole tightness in the pictures on your post, and have a few ideas that may or may not be helpful.  I had a dress that had tight armholes (though not to your dress' extent) and I gave myself a little more room by re-sewing in a 3/8 inch seam, making sure to strengthen it.  I, too, have never used sleeve gussets but I do have Vogue 'Vintage' reprint 1043 that has underarm gussets in the pattern.  I don't know if you could use the gusset pattern piece and read the instructions to insert something like this into your dress sleeves (as long as you have extra fabric). This might not be THE fix but it should let you put your arms down in comfort.  Let me know what sounds good.


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