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Hey all! 


I'm making a wrap dress and just bought the contrast fabric I want to use as the ties. Only problem is that when I got home, I found I had gotten 1 yd when I should have gotten 1.5 yards.


So, I don't want to buy the same fabric again, ending up with 2.5 yards, as the fabric store is a bit of a drive for me to do over the course of a week and because I don't think I'd use the fabric for anything else.


I am wondering what other folks think would make the most sense in using this fabric: cut against grain to get a full piece of fabric for the wrap OR sew two pieces together that go with the grainline.


What say you?

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Boy, that's a tough one. I supposed it depends of the nature of the fabric, how stiff it is. I've had this issue before and sometimes what I've found is the tie was too long for me to start with, so making it a bit smaller is OK. I'd check that with some muslin first. If you feel you must do the bias, it might be just fine or you might want to stiffen it by ironing on some interfacing.
I say go for the bias approach with the interfacing like Susan said if you want it to have some body.  At least then you've got some bias for something else as you'll get a whole bunch of it from that amount of fabric.

Thank you, both of you. I was leaning towards the bias cut with interfacing as well. I will cut out a set of ties to try on the bodice muslin too, just to get a feel for the length.


And you're right Mimi, getting the extra bias to use would be helpful too. For one of the dress versions, I was planning on making my own piping, so would need it anyway. :)


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