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I've always wanted a Lilly Pulitzer-esque dress, but never wanted to spend the money.  I've found tons of prints that would make an awesome shift dress in a similar style, but I cannot find thick, detailed trim like that which adorns LP dresses.  (see photo for example)

Anyone have a good recommendation for a website that sells these kinds of embellishments?  They don't have to be overly ornate (I like the simple circles), just something wide and appropriate to complement the bright prints.

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Try this one: I don't know what your price range is (these guys seem a little on the high end of the middle of the road). 

That is a great site!  I finally found one that is very similar to trim that LP uses (, but it is $8 a yard... But since LP dresses run about $200 each, if I can keep costs under $50 I will consider the Make the Look a win.

Still not sure what I'm going to buy!  Going to keep looking for a better deal.  :)

Have you tried Ebay or possibly a curtain panel? I used curtain panels for the lace on my wedding dress. It tends to be much cheaper and more of a simple look. I like the more simple look too.

Maybe see if you can find someone who can crochet to crochet a suitable trim for you.

Those are all great ideas!!! Definitely gonna start hunting for those alternatives to buying outright.

Hi Aubrey,


M&J trimmings in NYC is an incredible store filled with extensive trims, almost mind boggling. Here's their website: I'm not sure if they have as an extensive online store but it's worth a try. If you are anywhere near NYC it is so worth going to. I lost myself last time I was there and came out with the most beautiful trim, lace and ribbons.

Success!  I was able to find a deal on 5yds of trim on eBay for $7.  It looks almost identical to a trim I saw on a Lilly Pulitzer dress last May.  :)  Thanks for the tip to check eBay!

No problem...the only bad thing is Ebay is very addictive! Cute trim too!

In case you want more (cute eBay find btw!), I searched for similar trims this past summer and had the best luck when Googling "guipure cotton lace" and "corded cotton lace". I never got around to ordering any but MacCulloch & Wallis seems to have a wide selection. . They even have metallics.


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