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Oh my goodness.  Have any of you seen the Kyoto Costume Institute's Archives online?  Prepare to spend way too much time here:


Here is my favourite and I think I may be just crazy enough to think of attempting this with some help from my cousin, who is a women's wear designer.......


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well, that's my evening sorted then.... I may be some time... ;0)


thanks for the tip! Looks fabulous!

OMG! I knew I shouldn't have clicked on the link... I may well spend the day there. After a quick browse, my favourites are the 20s heels and this amazing thing:

wow wow wow

This is incredible Vicki, thanks for sharing this site. I'm going back in for more! I'm so inspired!

Thanks for the tip!  It's perfect for a fashion class I teach that could use a neat costume history site like this.


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