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I recently bought a Kwik sew pattern, #3873, and was wondering if anyone knows why there are red letters saying "never cut between sizes or blend sizes by cutting from one size to another".  Is there some reason or just no good reason for these recommendations from the pattern company?  Are Kwik Sew patterns any different?

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I've never sewn with a Kwik Sew pattern, but that seems weird. I had to look up the pattern - it's the dress with the criss-cross seamed skirt? Is the lettering only on the skirt pieces or does it include the bodice? It would make sense if it was just the skirt pieces because that could really mess up the construction, but I don't know why any standard pieces would be included in the warning.

Liz, those red-letter warnings (on Kwik Sew3873) about not grading are printed on the skirt panel pieces AND the sleeve piece.  The only pieces that don't have that warning are the front and the back bodice pieces.  I can understand, like you pointed out, that grading the criss-cross sections might produce a mess, but why the sleeves?  I have bigger upper arms and I usually grade up to give myself more room.  Let me know what you think.

Hmmm the sleeve is a bit mystifying. I would just practice with a muslin/scrap, whatever you want to change before cutting your fashion fabric. Given that this is supposed to be from a knit you may not need to alter anything.

I have never seen this on a multi- size pattern either, it's not standard for all kwick- sew, I would tend to take notice of it if they have gone to the trouble of red alerts, make it in your bust size Kelly.i don't think you will have any major fit problems.its a nice dress by the way.


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