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Hi. I am starting a Linky party on Saturdays spotlighting childrens' sewing projects for any of you mommy sewing bloggers. I hope some of you can join in. It's a fun way to visit each others blogs. Have any of you ever participated in Linky parties? I have but most of them are so big and have so many different projects they are a bit overwhelming to look at. That's why I only want to do one for kids sewing.

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I'd like to be in that party :D


I'm here


ETA: I've never done Linky-party so I do need to be told what to do though - other that post the link to your blog with the other blogs featured on...


loved the kids dresses on your blog. So colorful and comfy.

Thanks :D

Great idea, I mostly sew for my its so much fun to share

I made these dresses.




Hi Ann I was on your blog and commented. Can I add you as a friend? Hope to hear from you Saturday. I'm also doing a giveaway you should check out.

You may add all you want ;) I did see your comment and 'commented' back ;)

I did see your give away -  just hven't had time to check the Etsy shop out yet ;)



One more from my side:


Reversible Sun Hat

Nice - isn't it funny how sizing seems to be all different from each pattern-maker? My daugther's a size 110 (she's tall) in RTW but a 98 or 104 in patterns when I sew for her.


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