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In writing my post for the pincushion giveaway, I realized that I should probably bring up this question to all of you. I am finding that I am almost consumed with sewing and seeing what other people have been creating. It's great! I love seeing what everyone is up to!

The tricky part is that I find I get so caught up in what folks are doing, that I want to make things that aren't even my style.  I want to sew dresses I'll never wear, because they're so cute or have such neat little notions or sewing techniques incorporated. 

So, my question is, how do you make sure you stay true to you, true to your style, and true to your craft, while maintaining your sewing momentum? Particularly with these challenges?


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This is a very good question - one I ask myself all the time.  I too get so caught up in all the beautiful things I see others doing that sometimes I am half way through something before common sense kicks in and tells me that "yes this is beautiful, but it isn't something you will every wear"! 


Personal style has been on my mind for quite some months now, as I ponder just exactly what my style is.  I love so many different styles - the tailored, classic look; the layered, floaty look; the 1940/50's vintage look. My wardrobe reflects this chaotic, indecisive style!  I love how some clever women can mix all this together and look fantastic - sadly, I am not one of them!


Maybe if you know your style, then staying true isn't a problem - I'm looking forward to reading what others have to say about this.

Thanks Debbie for your response. I think my problem is similar to yours: I just like so much it's hard to pin down what makes sense for me. I really hope to make things deliberately and well, but I just get so excited by all the options, sometimes!


I think you have great style. I love everything you have posted. You wear your clothes with confidence and you look great. I also think you have a strong sense of color and fabric type, which combined with pattern is really amazing and results in stunning finished pieces.

I don't see chaotic or indecisive, I see stylish and well thought out. I think we all are so hard on ourselves!

Keep doing what you are doing, it's beautiful!

Hi, for me... Its always what I like... I love to find interestint things but in the end im stick on what I like and challenge myself doing something that i like but i never done before. I havent repeated a pattern or fabric yet.
I will have to consider ways to challenge myself while sticking with what I think suits me best. Thanks!

That's a good question! I think there are some who like the creation process for what it is. I personally prefer to only try and make things I think I will wear and will look good on me but every time I try a new, "untested" style there is a possibility that I won't like it on. On the other hand, I know what I like to wear and what I think looks good on me so I usually do have better luck when I stick to my tried and true styles.  But that can get dull too, right? When there are so many possiblities? :)

Too true Katie! I feel like I don't want to limit myself, but I also want to remember what design elements I actually respond to on a personal level, even if it means passing up a particular project. As for creating, I feel like I'll find enough to keep me busy! :D
Wow this is a great question. I.. like Debbie... have been pondering my personal style for a while too. Much of this can be attributed to a post baby body and lifestyle that I'm still adjusting to. ie. Looking at my pre-bub clothes now is like looking at some other persons life and not really the one I have now - not to mention they just don't fit the same! I'm really enjoying experimenting with different looks, and love the inspiration of the other ladies on this site. I've made things that I would never have picked up in a store and found that I love them. I think if you find yourself drawn to something.. then it might just be that it is your style! I say, give anything a chance.. I have often found store bought clothes languishing in my wardrobe unworn.. so I figure if I make it and don't wear it, at least I got to practise something new which is added experience for the next project. Maybe at the end of the year.. I'll have to start an Etsy store to offload some creations! As for my style... I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually!
It's funny how lifestyle changes and body changes that happen over the years just require a re-think in style. I find that I am still confused about what my style really is. I just like too much! (And I don't think I understand fully what things look best on me.) Maybe I'll also have to just sell my stuff or gift it when I realize things aren't quite right for me.

Very good question..

  I   think , I look at everyones different stuff and think ...'Oh, how pretty!!!' But, then I realize that some things I can and will werar and some things ,I just cant ... So, I  think in the end..I try making things I will like and wear..And as Casey put it---If  I end up making something,I just dont like..that's ok too.. I had fun doing it, and learned something new..[And I have bought ready made stuff, and got home and hated it..].. So, it all ends up the same.

   as for the challenges..I look so forward to them.. and to adjusting them to me.. by picking a pattern that will suit me, and fabric that will suit me..   Sometimes good choices...sometimes not??

  The main thing.............. Have fun with the challenges... enjoy sewing...... enjoy making friends.. Make the challenges apply to you.. [thats the most fun.].Happy sewing.

Good point, Judy. Having fun and liking my sewing experience counts a great deal in this whole thing. :)
Such a good question!

I know myself pretty well. I'm tall just shy of 6', I have long limbs and wide shoulders. I look pretty silly if I dress in clothes that fit petite figures. I admire so many different fashions and love seeing what everyone makes. A couple months back I made a dress that I loved, just not on me. My husband asked me about the dress and he commented it's not your dress, just meaning it's not really my style. Lesson learned. I think if I really give consideration for what I'm making and will I really wear the final result and where will I wear it. If I can't answer these questions I know I'm off the mark.

I think it's fine not to do every challenge. I think the Burda dress is adorable but not something I need or a style I would wear, so this one I sit out and admire everyone else's pieces.

I don't know if this is helpful, just how it works for me.


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