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In writing my post for the pincushion giveaway, I realized that I should probably bring up this question to all of you. I am finding that I am almost consumed with sewing and seeing what other people have been creating. It's great! I love seeing what everyone is up to!

The tricky part is that I find I get so caught up in what folks are doing, that I want to make things that aren't even my style.  I want to sew dresses I'll never wear, because they're so cute or have such neat little notions or sewing techniques incorporated. 

So, my question is, how do you make sure you stay true to you, true to your style, and true to your craft, while maintaining your sewing momentum? Particularly with these challenges?


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I haven't really actually gotten into the challenges yet. I need to prep myself for it, I think. But, I like the idea of driven work. 

I'm of the opposite end of the spectrum, at an approximate 5'. Well, I do have some shoulders, though. I haven't quite figured out what looks right on this wee frame of mine. So, I think that complicates the selection process a bit. But, I'm learning, thanks to everyone's feedback! :)

I know it's so hard to figure out what is your style. I love what Adey sews but I also know she is petite and so I can only appreciate her lovely posts. I look redicious in ruffly things and puffy shoulders, just so silly on me, so I just tend to live in a more classic streamlined, and maybe modern lines although I can try different time periods with limitations.

I know what colors work on me and I have a good sense of fabric patterns (or so I think) so I let that desire drive me.

I think age might be helping me too, no spring chicken although I still think I am until I see my reflection. You'll figure it out, trial and error.

I still look at patterns and assess based on the amount of pattern pieces. Lots of pieces spells disaster for me...

I have just discovered this question and I think that experimenting is great. I am only just learning what suits me and what doesn't. When buying fabric I have started to put the colours next to my skin to see if they will suit. 

Sometimes we all make things that we don't like or don't suit us. I have been learning slowly that more often than not when I experiment, I love the result! I'm 5ft3 and not really straight up and down but I've learnt how to adapt things to suit me.

I adore seeing everyone else and sometimes i'm led by a colour or something I've seen on someone else. But I think sewing has enhanced my personal style making me wear more colour, perhaps even more frills! 

I think it's really important to know your body and know what looks good on it! If it's not going to look good on you, you aren't going to wear it. I'm just getting to the point where I feel like I know what will look good on me most of the time. I also try and have a tentative sewing plan at all times. I haven't ended up doing too many of these challenges yet but I do have quite a few new garments in my closet that I love!


I also wrote a rather in depth post on my blog about the wardrobe building process:


My biggest problem is style ADD because I love too many styles. I try and stick to one style (or theme) at a time like the Colette spring palette challenge so I have mix and match pieces. As much as I love dresses, I can't wear them every day.


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