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Maybe it's just me, but I seem to start one challenge, leave off for various reasons, (time being only one) start a second, (completed or not) and now, I have projects all over creation.  More than when I started on SW!  (And it wasn't good before.)  So, can some of you who are faithfully completing challenges give me some pointers on focus and completion?  My studio space and husband will thank you.

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I'm keeping my challenges to about 1 a month.  Maximum 2... for sanity's sake.  I have lots of other projects, though,  knitting and quilting projects so maybe I'm in the same boat as you just between different crafting mediums. :D  My advice to keeping things organized is to keep moving each project forward by making a mini-goal for each of your projects.  When you're not working on one project, make sure your pattern pieces are still organized and your scraps have been put away if you've already cut your fabric.  I recently purchased these clear envelopes with a seal so I can put away my patterns that I printed at home.  That helped get rid of my paper clutter.

I used to start multiple projects at the same time, but about halfway through last year I decided that I wouldn't start another project until the last one was completed.  It generally seems to be working though occasionally because of this, I don't always want to sew.  At the same time it can do the opposite and provide motivation to get something done just so I can work on the next project.  Maybe start but only allowing yourself two projects at a time?  Good luck!

I look ahaed and decide which ones I'm interested in.  For instance, I missed the Oscars' one as I didn't feel inspired.  I haven't finished the re-fashion project and want to do the art one, but not intersted in the Pantone one, so that gives me 3 weeks for 2 projests.  Which I could get my computer to read my camera then I could down-load some pictures for feed-back.

I love lists and crossing things off those lists, so that's some motivation for me. I cut out 5 or 6 things at once (I've noticed I get in moods every now and again where all I want to do is cut things out and I figure I better take advantage of those rare moods). I don't start new projects till those are done... or I'm super burned out on them. I noticed that I had a lot of projects bought and not started and every week I was adding more projects to the pile. So for lent I gave up going to the fabric stores. I can only go if I need something to finish a project or for the weekly challenges. I have my "Must be done by Easter" list and I'm making decent progress on it. I already have 4 things done, 4 new projects started, and I have 3 or 4 others cut out and ready to go. My pile is down to where you can tell that they are all in a basket.

When I was at my parents last time, I organized my mom's craft room. NIGHTMARE!!! 30 some years of half started and "I'm going to get to that some day" projects. I put my foot down and told her she must completely finish 5 projects and then she can buy 1 new project. In almost 2 weeks she has finished 4 things... one of which I think she started when I was 6 (I'm almost 29 now.) She said she loves knowing that she has to finish 5 and it's much easier for to concentrate on one thing and stay motivated. She even said she noticed she's keeping her craft tables and sewing table much neater.

So in short, my method to stay organized and motivated is all visual... I LOOOVE seeing things marked off my list. And for my mom, it's sticking to a strict rule of completing projects and then rewarding herself by going shopping. 

Good luck!!

Oo, motivation might be of use: here's my deal - I loooove to cut out tissue papers!  (what on Earth?? - I know!)  I found one pattern left from 1987 yesterday (yup- purchased right after Christmas 1986) and every* single* lovin' piece was carefully cut out at some point.  All 35!  And, no, I never made that pattern.  In fact, I find my self sneakily cutting out tissue shapes in the dead of night, as if I need to hide it.  It's a joy: the rustling of the tissues, the folding and unfolding, the hunt for the one stupid piece that's buried in there.  The smell of the new (or old) pattern tissues.  I think I'm some sort of freak. Anyway, maybe I shouldn't allow self to cut any more out unless I've stitched 2.  Then, I might actually have something to wear, instead of just piles of little zip locks on top of fabric bundles, on their way to pre-wash, or just back from pre-wash, or etc, etc.

Or something.  (Now that my dirty pattern secret is out, y'all can send your tissues this way and I'll snip away... every tiny piece, cuff and collar.)  And yes, I know I should be tracing, but I just can't help myself.

No it's not just you. I would be last person to give you any advice. At last count, I have 8 projects on the go and for various reasons also, (time isn't one of them) mainly I get bored and  frustrated if projects aren't working out. I haven't as yet participated in any SW Challenges (new to site) but have been on Burdastyle for over a year and have created 64 items. I must be doing something right for making so many! I think it's called sewing addict!

This post by Mena regarding pattern storage/database creation is helping me to reform my evil ways:

It, plus it's replies = Really helpful.


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