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join debi, meg, me and mena trott for a day of new york fun !  there's even a theme (mais oui.)  you can email me at oonaballoona(at)gmail(dot)com for details, or hit meg and debi up too!


announcements here at meg the grand's joint

and at debi's happy sewing place

and over in kalkatroona!


oh how i hope you guys can come......

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Sorry to miss the fun, I'll be there ten days before your hot party!
DOH. so close....
sounds so fun, I hope you have a completely fabulous time x
Hope you girls have lots of fun...
Toast the UK for us!
oh definitely, toasts all day!
thanks judy & charlotte!  wish you could be there!
Just a thought, as you are in NYC I hope the theme will be Sex and the City - you could argue over who gets to be Carrie....
i never even THOUGHT of that. duh!!!! never got into that show. it would be really funny to see how many carries show up...

Funnily enough Amanda although I like Charlotte's style it just isn't me, she is too tidy, I am more of a Miranda I think.


I am desperate to find out who will be Samantha!

I KNOW!!! and we're prolly going to be in your conservatory gardens..... just to tempt you....


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