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To support next weeks theme I have asked everyone to join the go slow clothes movement.  This is simply aimed at celebrating the demise of the fast fashion curse. Please feel free to read more or

there will also be a flickr group to share and a gadget/picture which is below  that you are free to post onto your own blog to show your support ( a little mention of me would be nice!)

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Oh good!  I try to be extra careful in text/writing when people don't know me well in person.  Sometimes things get lost in translation.

hey I would like to also thank Ladykatza, it is very true that we all would like to think of others more but often we side eline it just because we want more.

I also feel that we are making a step in the right direction, all of us here are thrifters and recyclers and that is a very positive first step.

As to my next step, I am stop stop buying cheap patterns off ebay or etsy! I plan to make a more organised waldrobe for autumn/ winter. I know this will mean making alot as I only started this year so only have lighter clothing, but if any of you have seen my outfits you will see I'm a fan of layering so those summer Ts will still have a bit of life through the winter. But hey not just yet the sun has only just come out here in the uk! x x x



Out of curiosity,  how many would be interested in a two-month long challenge for "Wardrobe Essentials" making a mix-match wardrobe out of your existing stash or refashion/thrifted materials?  Things that can be used most of the year, and of course, match your lifestyle? And using patterns on-hand (or free patterns)?



I think that's a great idea.
It's always so tempting to sew a cute new dress and the moment I want to leave the house I realize I don't have anything to wear with it. I thougt about sewing some basic boleros and since I almost always wear a hat I want to sew some basic colored hats as well. Like you said everybody would have different basics based on theire lifestyle...

I certainly would be curious to see what a challenge like this consists of. Are you thinking it is based on all existing clothing, patterns and fabric stash? Now this really is a very good idea!


I do like the idea Sarai at Colette started, per season create a color palette and a mood or theme board to keep focused.

 Me too...
I think this will really help
oh yay!
I am all for that!  Not buying any more fabric at the mo', so that I can consume even less.  Although, I'm afraid my essentials aren't going to look all that put-together, what with all the random fabric and thrift finds I've stocked up over the years.  But I'm def up for the challenge :)
believe me i know it's a challenge!

Awesome! I'l compose a new thread when I'm not at work and can put more thought into it.  <3


Also, I think cute dresses ARE essentials.  To quote the sew-a-holic,  sometimes having a tried and true dress pattern to make several of the same thing from allows you to look "put together" without much work.

Hey hun, I added a link on my post today. Good luck all of you.


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