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To support next weeks theme I have asked everyone to join the go slow clothes movement.  This is simply aimed at celebrating the demise of the fast fashion curse. Please feel free to read more or

there will also be a flickr group to share and a gadget/picture which is below  that you are free to post onto your own blog to show your support ( a little mention of me would be nice!)

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Iagree, I feel like I have a huge collection of hand made clothes now 4 dresses,2 trousers, 2skirts, 3 tops, probally a few more I forgot!. I feel like I shouldn't push myself to make more, but there are always patterns that I want to try! It is so hard to find a happy medium. I think if I want to stay creative maybe more onto accessories?

This only works though if the 3 blouses go with the 3 skirts and the shoes. When we did the spring colour palette I completely ignored it and just carried on buying the fabric I liked, with gay abandon and without worrying about colours. Now none of my clothes go together. .... so maybe my next colour palette I will actually think about matching items together!


I am also thinking I need to make some basics rather than colourful things all the time, to help this.... good point though Cathe, certainly makes you think!

Me too Charolette.. tooo many pretty things..just because I like them.I need some  basics.
Charlotte(s) I agree. I buy whatever attracts my eye with no thought of how it works with everything else, happy shopper I guess. Lost in the moment for sure, then I look in my closet and think way to much!

Not sure how it is in the UK but here we tend to over consume, there is so much cheap, it's easy to get caught up in wanting the latest trend. I really want to change my shopping habits and even what I sew. I even worry about a weekly challenge, that's 52 items of clothes, you could never wear them all, in theory anyway, maybe you change your clothes every couple of hours!

For me, this has all been a learning curve.  Matching stripes, making my own bias tape, lining, working with fabrics and it's all been enjoyable.  I've counted up and I have 23 things now - but they're all different and for specific purposes. 


I've done 2 casual jackets (but one was for my mum)

A rainjacket

A smart suit skirt (for which I need to do the jacket)

2 aprons (again one for my mum)

Scarves (some sold)

A beach tunic/coverup

2 sleeveless sundresses

1 sleeved sundress

3 casual tops - one winter, the others summer

a posh silky top

A summer skirt

A winter skirt

Some bloomers (!)

A casual wintery shirtdress

A smart winter dress

2 semi smart summer dresses

1 smart summer dress 


I can see where the 'holes' are in my wardrobe now and hopefully fill them up. 

That's a really impressive list, truly a wardrobe to be proud of. I agree, it's been a great place to learn and push myself which I really needed.


  you are sooo right.. What could you do with 52 dresses or garments.. Way tooo many. We do, tend to get tooo ccaught up in our wants.. When there are so many needs in this world.

so true and simple..

I have quite a few friends that are either in  a sewing business for themselves, or are in the green (environmental in some manner, usually IT) business, or are human rights activists.  And myself I have always been interested in economics.  Recently read a very interesting article about suppliers coming out of China  (Written by someone whose native language is NOT English).  When you have conversations with friend on a regular basis about the impact of not only the environment, but on worker's rights and the economy, its hard not to ignore what impulse buying and over consumption can do. 


I'm acutely aware of the need to have a wardrobe that mixes and matches well.  And a lot of accessories.  Having two grade-school age kids and living off only my income while my husband looked for a job for over two years... lets just say I shopped at Goodwill out of necessity. Now I do it because I love the hunt.  And I've learned to sew with the intent of getting to the point I can make a tailored outfits for work.  I've gotten quite sidetracked with pretty frocks I can't wear to work.

It's such a difficult thing when you dig deeper than China to Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakastain, South America...there really is a very big elephant in the room that society turns a blind eye to for their comfort. In the back of my mind I get haunted by this and can only hope as an individual that I continue to do better and be very thoughtful when I make a purchase.

Ladykatza, thank you for this thoughtful reminder.
I am certainly not trying to be on a high-horse cause I know I'm not perfect.   When I do buy from the store I try to think "How will this work with what I have".
You didn't come across that way at all. Just a very concerned individual sharing your thoughts, which is so appreciated!


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