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To support next weeks theme I have asked everyone to join the go slow clothes movement.  This is simply aimed at celebrating the demise of the fast fashion curse. Please feel free to read more or

there will also be a flickr group to share and a gadget/picture which is below  that you are free to post onto your own blog to show your support ( a little mention of me would be nice!)

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How clever you are Charlotte, to think of this. Sort of slow food for fashion, love it.

This is great- I'm in!
Charolette.. what a great idea.. I am in.. Happy Sewing.
Lovely idea, I'll be adding it to my blog today.  :-)
Yea, I'm all about going slow...maybe too slow! Thank you Charlotte!
hey, glad everyone is liking this idea!
I've heard about this gaining ground within the past few years.  Great idea to highlight it.
works for me - great idea!
I like this idea!

I came across this brain teaser that I thought it was so interesting, here it is:


Anne has three blouses, four skirts and two pairs of shoes. How many different outfits can she wear if an outfit consists of any blouse worn with any skirt and either pair of shoes?


The answer is 24


There is something to be said for doing with less but making more out of it!

Cathe... tell us how to get the answer of 24???? I putting you on the spot?hahhaha
Actually by looking at the answer in the magazine ;)

It's pretty silly: 3 blouses x 4 shirts = 12 x 2 pair of shoes = 24

I'm just amazed at what seems like such a limited amount of clothes actually goes a long way.


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