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Is it Winter where you live? What are you planning for next weeks challenge?

Oh what a dilemma! It's too darned cold to think about summer dresses! (I just sneezed.. how appropriate was that timing!)


So lovely ladies of the southern hemisphere...I ask you...  are you planning to 'bend the rules' this week?


My ideas so far..


The perfect 'transeasonal dress' - which would probably really be a summer dress worn with tights and turtleneck. lol.


A summer dress in a winter fabric... worn with tights and a turtleneck. (I completely planned to do this with the colette parfait - in cord.. just like Debi's... but alas it will be weeks before my pattern arrives!)


The perfect winter dress - I mean if you're gonna bend the rules.. why not just do the complete opposite... right?


or.. to heck with the challenge this week and whip out a UFO instead.



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I'll go with you, their cold sounds just right to me. You girls are cracking me up. I live in a place with 4 season but unfortunately winter is 6 months of them. Summer will finally come, gorgeous and winter is forgiven and forgotten briefly!
Cathe I grew up in a place like that - in the Snowy Mountains, where it was cold most of the year (although still not as cold as your winters) and summer was very short - and I don't care for it at all!  I do enjoy the "change" when we travel to the USA for holidays over christmas, but I am always happy to come home to the warm ..... although if it can stay under 38c during summer I am even happier!  Arn't we hard to please???? 

Hey Debbie, I don't care for it either. I'm from Los Angeles and have had a mild climate most of my life. My career took me to Minnesota and I have to say wowza I have never been so cold in my life. I have just survived my 6th winter here! Key word here is survived!


Not hard to please at all, you are smart! And apparently warm!

Try the North of England, with ice on the insides of windscreens in winter ...
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh..... you girls are making me COLD ..and it is 85 F here today..  hahhaha..Love you all..

I'm hearing you! It's been so cold this winter!  


I often use a sleeved summer dress pattern and just make it out of a slightly warmer material.  And then layer, layer, layer!


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