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Is it Winter where you live? What are you planning for next weeks challenge?

Oh what a dilemma! It's too darned cold to think about summer dresses! (I just sneezed.. how appropriate was that timing!)


So lovely ladies of the southern hemisphere...I ask you...  are you planning to 'bend the rules' this week?


My ideas so far..


The perfect 'transeasonal dress' - which would probably really be a summer dress worn with tights and turtleneck. lol.


A summer dress in a winter fabric... worn with tights and a turtleneck. (I completely planned to do this with the colette parfait - in cord.. just like Debi's... but alas it will be weeks before my pattern arrives!)


The perfect winter dress - I mean if you're gonna bend the rules.. why not just do the complete opposite... right?


or.. to heck with the challenge this week and whip out a UFO instead.



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Luckly for me its summer. Oh I love warm weather. Of course winter garments are so much more elegant and a great challenge to make them.I will do some winter dresses now in time for next winter as they take so much more time.  With my website I have been to some stores preview Fall collections so I ca be noise on their fabric choices and styles. I will be posting it soon ! xx

I love the idea of rescuing an UFO or doing something  different just for fun !

Hi Rachel,

  I love summer too.. [ we too are having summer now..actually 85-90 degrees...yea..].  I love sewing summer clothes.because they are  so bright , and soft ..just pretty.. 

  You are pretty smart to be thinking ahead.. Great Idea. Happy sewing

Well , summer doesnt last long here in England Lol

I'm with you on the short summer - I've started to plan my Fall/Winter projects too

 we got a late start on summmer this year...but normally we have warm weather until late October and sometimes on into Novemeber.. so we have more warm months than cold..

  The down side to all this warm weather in gets REALLY humid.. And with and I dont work well.ha

  So, I guess all in all..we all have goods and

  Have a great day. Happy sewing.

I can't decide what way to go this week (yes - leaving it a bit late to decide).  I did dig out some summer fabric today to do a little summer dress, but after freezing all day I'm thinking the winter dress makes more sense.  I hate making decisions!!!


NB:  I know it doesn't really get that cold in Brisbane, but I don't like it when it gets below 24, and I really don't enjoy it when it is below 15, which is what it was today.  Hats to all you Northerners - who really know how to have cold weather!!

 Oooh Debbie, I agree.. I cant handle COLD weather either.. And the decisions kill me..ha I  decide one thing...and then change my mind over and over..

  Look forward to seeing what you decide on..

ha ha ha below 15 isn't cold! You are cracking me up


and above 24 is high summer.....

Heheheh  so funny we have different expectations on what is warm and cold. In my hometown  our winter is from 17C to 23C.

Summer is from 23C to 28C. And its like this all year as we dont have the 4 weather variations.

For me now that live away, summer  start at 25 C  and I can happy be in 34C without a problem and  winter starts as 15... anything below is freezing cold and Im wearing double layers.... 


oh me likes the sound of your home town! you'd never break a sweat!

hahahaha... I'm lovin all this 'my place is colder than your place' talk. Yes here in Brisbane we do think below 15 is cold! very cold! haha.  I'm with Debbie. It's freezing! We're like lizards here - too used to the sun!

But on the flip side Charlotte... how would you feel about 40! That's when you know it's really summer!

24 is a beautiful mild day here... in fact it's the number they tell us to set our air conditioners at! lol.

Casey I went on holiday once and it reached nearly 40. I thought I would die from heat exhaustion.....


24 is about as hot as I like it!


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