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Is it Winter where you live? What are you planning for next weeks challenge?

Oh what a dilemma! It's too darned cold to think about summer dresses! (I just sneezed.. how appropriate was that timing!)


So lovely ladies of the southern hemisphere...I ask you...  are you planning to 'bend the rules' this week?


My ideas so far..


The perfect 'transeasonal dress' - which would probably really be a summer dress worn with tights and turtleneck. lol.


A summer dress in a winter fabric... worn with tights and a turtleneck. (I completely planned to do this with the colette parfait - in cord.. just like Debi's... but alas it will be weeks before my pattern arrives!)


The perfect winter dress - I mean if you're gonna bend the rules.. why not just do the complete opposite... right?


or.. to heck with the challenge this week and whip out a UFO instead.



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Looking forward to your first challenge.. have fun with it...either summer or winter.. OOOOOH 15 degrees...yuk... We had 90 degrees today..wonderful.. so proud to see summer finally here..ha

I think it was about 65º here so that's about 19º Celsious so we are about in the same cold world!


Have fun with your first challenge!

Dummy me........... I saw the 15 degrees.. I didnt realize it was Celsious.. just have to keep me straigtned but even 65  pretty cold.. sorry for you girls..Hope you see warm days soon..


  Next time ,I will look at C or F...Haha

Judy we are sisters, I will always be your pest! Ha Ha! You are such a good friend! Love you!

Thankyou... love you too.. So nice to have friends...

15 degree F !!! YIKES! We had that this winter  - and a bit lower too but I'm glad to say we don't go that low during summer time LOL


ETA Your 65 degrees F (about 30+ degrees C, right?) does sound a lot better!!!

Add a minus sign to the 15....-15 degrees is what January is in this frozen tundra (minneapolis)! Which I think is about -28c for you! It all sounds so cold...and it is!

Yes I'll take 30c, that sounds good to me! Umm I think 30 degrees celsius converts to 86 degree fahrenheit. I really wish they would teach metrics in the states.
Yuck - anything above 20+ degrees C is a good day - find youself a sunny spot with no wind and those 20 degrees C might get you in a summer-mood ;)
I would find a nice smooth rock and fall asleep in the sun! Sign me up!
It is, indeed summer where I am, but with MMJune only a few days away, and my ideal summer dress being from a 1930s pattern which I don't have the effort or fabric to sew...I'm skipping this week! Not that I won't be sewing, I'm going to try to make a simple top every day, because that is a huge gap in my wardrobe.
I totally get it. I too go with what works best with my everyday wardrobe. I rarely wear a dress, love them but not so practical in my world!
 Good luck on your tops.. have fun..Look forward to seeing them.


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