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Hi I didn't realise that you were in the uk too, I'm glad there are a few of us, would be good to kno of a few uk sites for patterns bla bla !

Wedding was amazing, the best day ever. I'l load a few pictures up. I have to say I did not make my dresses though!

It would still be nice to see them - perhaps you can make an outfit for your next anniversary?!


How are you getting on this week?????



I've been following Mena's planning for a meet-up/fabric and pattern swap in San Francisco and was thinking that would be fun to do for all of us in the UK. there somewhere we could all meet up that would be easy for the Scottish folks and the South of England to meet up?  Would you guys be interested?  Maybe a day sometime this summer?  I've got lots of fabric and patterns that I could swap--wouldn't that be fun?
YES ! what an exciting idea, I would love to join in. Somewhere in the middle I think your at one of the country and I'm at the other ha ha
sounds like a great idea.... the summer is good for me, what fun! x
Hi there

Yes, I'm in Norfolk, UK! I'll be introducing myself here soon. I've been too busy with the sewing projects to think about anything else!
You might not be too far from me - I'm in South Lincs near Boston....
Yes I have seen your outfits, they look great. Norfolk isn't that good for narrow boats ?

Thanks re: the outfits!  You're thinking of the Norfolk Broads - good for sailing in general rather than canal type boats, but I'm on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border, a bit far from the sailing area.  There's a windmill nearby though and it's very flat ... a bit different to the northwest, where I'm originally from (Manchester).    

Hello Everyone!

I'm Katie, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm a patternoholic. :) I joined this site because I want to spend this year updating my wardrobe with new and vintage-inspired clothing and love meeting like-minded sewists! I also make and play in historical costumes but that's another story....

Hi All - I'm Casey and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I studied Fashion many years ago, and then worked as a designer (albeit in sportswear - ahh the realities of making a living!) until I had my daughter, who is nearly 18mos. I am now mostly a stay at home mum, who's trying to get her groove back.. lol!  When I stumbled across Mena sewing a dress a week for a year, I was so hooked.. and now stoked that there is a sewing circle I can join in on, and all you lovely people who actually share my love of vintage fabric, patterns etc. I consider the stash busting challenge a sign to end my procrastination ( & maybe my pile of shame?!) and get back in the game. I am so determined to finish this challenge on time! Look forward to sharing with you soon.
Hi Casey -welcome!  It is great to have another person from Brisbane - there are 3 of us now!!   


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