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I'm Michelle. 

I've been teaching myself to sew for 15 year; a lot of trial and error, a few books and a lot of googling.  Finally discovering the internet forums- all this time I thought I was the only one out there sewing my own clothes, and now I find that there are thousands of us (a few of us are even tucked away on this tiny, insignificant but indescribably beautiful corner of the world).  Every time I visit a blog or forum I come away feeling inspired.

Now I've found this one I'm tempted to take on a challenge - every week might be a bit too time consuming, but I'll definatley do the odd one.


I'm Manuela.

I am a trained custom tailor/master of the trade and have worked as a technical manager in the fashion industry in Hong Kong for the last 20 years. Due to burn out I left the industry last year and went back to university to first study Chinese and do a teaching degree afterwards - something I always wanted to do.

While I am not keen on the industry anymore, I love sewing, love making my own clothes and love teaching. I was born and grew up in Germany, but have been living in Asia for the last 20+ years.

I found this website via flipboard and love to see all the beautiful things done by the talented ladies on here.

Hi! I'm Anja. I live in Haarlem (near Amsterdam) in the Netherlands.

I learned how to sew from my 2 gandmothers who studied several schools in the 1920's to become  semastress and 'costumiere'. My mother used to sew a lot of clothes for me and my sister and soon we were sewing ourselves.

I like to sew for my friends' children and my niece and nephew . But also for friends and myself. I love  sewing vintage, I own a few boxes of vintage patterns. I also love to thrift.Maybe because I'm an archeologist? ;)

Besides sewing I do some knitting, crooching, jogging and speedskating.

I follow this website for some time now and everytime I get inspired by your projects!

Hello there!


I’m Tara and I live in London, UK.  I’ve been sewing for about 10 years, but only got really into it in the past couple of years when having a part time job meant I could dedicate more time to sewing.  My sewing aptitude has now almost caught up with my ambition!!.  I’ve always worn more vintage pieces than new, and most of my sewing projects involve vintage fabrics and patterns. I try and make as many clothes as I can, so now I only buy a couple of high end ‘special occasion’ pieces new.  Oh and jeans.  Sewing with denim gives me the fear.  Bulky seams.  Argh.


I’ve just recently invested in an overlocker (serger to you US sewists!) so that’s encouraged me to be a bit more adventurous with my fabric choices.  I don’t have a blog and am relatively new to the world of (reading) sewing blogs. I’ve found the level of support and information available on various sewing blogs absolutely AMAZING.  I am totally in awe of you talented ladies and it’s really inspired me and given me the confidence to push myself and try out some new techniques etc myself.


Looking forward to getting o know you all a little better :D

Hi everyone!

My name is Stef and I live in Manchester, UK.

I only have a basic knowledge of sewing (hand stitches and remember to lower the foot and needle on the machine!) but I have always loved making things and fashion. I have been knitting for over 30 years and a few years ago I bartered some knitting time with a basic Brother sewing machine.

I only got round to trying it out a few weeks ago, 2.5 years after it came into my life, but now I cannot stop!
I can easily make things with straight-ish lines and not too many pieces (headboard / cushion cover) and I am starting out with patterns.

I am amazed and fascinated by the huge learning curve! It looks like I know what needs to happen, but I have to rely on a pattern to get it right because the order in which things are done is so important.

My Mum owns an amazing 1970s Veglia-Borletti with a cabinet, she wouldn't make clothes as such but she is very good when it comes to using the machine, and is amazing when it comes to hand sewing and embroidery.

Unfortunately she lives in Italy and I do not really know anyone around here who is good with sewing, so I thought joining  The Circle would a good idea!

Currently working on a basic pencil skirt from thrifted curtains and making various bits and bobs for the house.

Hello Everyone -

I go by Godsgirlt and have been visiting this site for quite some time and finally decided to join the circle!  What a great community this is and I too wanted to be a part.  I have been sewing for quite some time.  It all started with my mom, Virginia, who taught me at a young age and insisted that I continue sewing in school.  I did not sew consistently for many years but maintained a nice pattern and fabric "collection" aka stash!  I have been back into it for about the last three years or so.   I'm sew excited about making my own clothes. 


I am a high school mathematics teacher.  My husband and I have three sons (grown men really) and we care for Virginia, my mother, in our home.  I have a blog:!  I look forward to meeting and mingling with everyone!

Hello!  I'm Lily.  I found this blog a couple days ago and would love to join the circle.  Looks like we have people from all over the world.  I'm currently living in Scottsdale, AZ.  It's almost summer here all year so I will be making dresses for me.  I grow up seeing my dad and mom sew for a living but they never taught me.  I can make simple things but never make anything for myself.  Recently (about 1 month ago) I started to make some skirts for my daughter, then I made a dress... and now my dad is teaching me. 


I bought some patterns also but afraid that they won't turn out the way it looks in the picture.  So far since last month I made 6 skirts and 7 dresses for my daughter.  I'm hoping to make something for myself soon.  =)


I'm so glad I found this site.  I recently started a blog for my sewing after seeing sooooo many sewing blogs out there.  My blog isn't to compete with any one, but just to keep track of what I've made and what I will make.  See how well I do in a year.  It's



Hello, I've been looking at the beautiful creations on here for the past few days, and have taken the plunge and joined you. I'm Zoe, approaching a big birthday this summer, been sewing off and on since I was small. My last major creation was my daughter's prom dress last summer, but I also made my wedding dress (19 years ago). I haven't made myself any clothes for ages, but I'm struggling to find anything in the shops which is attractive, good quality, well finished, and doesn't cost a small fortune. I have a collection of vintage sewing patterns from my Mum (mostly late 50's, early 60's) which I love browsing through. I'm intrigued by the sizing - they seemed to be much smaller ladies then! I've been busy sewing small knitting project bags, and trying to sell them, but I think now's the time to re-kindle my love affair with sewing clothes for me!



Hey Zoe - welcome!  I make lots of clothes from late 50s - early 60s patterns and although the pattern sizing seems tiny, there's normally a LOT of ease. I guess before the advent of fast fashion, when you made a dress you needed it to fit you for years, so you built in a bit more room!  I typically find there's about 4" of ease in vintage patterns.  So if you have a bust 30 pattern and you're a 34, it'll probably fit ok, but its best to make a toile to check fit. You may need to grade the waist out a bit - unless you fancy wearing a girdle! Looking forward to seeing some of your creations!

hello:) i'm a newbee to far i have completed 4 garments! my name is kirsty and i'm from south australia. looking forward to learning a bunch here. my blog is here

Hello, my name is Andrea Steen, I'm from Marshalltown, Ia I am a mom of 4 grown up kids now :( and one grand daughter who is 2 yrs old. I am a stay at home wife so to speak, I take care of my husband who is disabled. I 'v been sewing for about 4 yrs now or so all self taught for the most part besides watching videos and reading web sites and magazines .

I sew daily all day sometimes, I love to sew it is my get away so to speak.  I got into sewing about 4 yrs ago when i started watching Project Runway and then i had to start sewing, I got my sewing machine a few months later and have been at it since. I cant go to a store with out stopping off and checking out that wonderful fabric section.  

I am still learning alot to this day as i go and I love all that I have  learned about. I have sewing alot of clothes, purses and bags. I made my first quilts 2 yrs ago i made 5 of them never having done it before lol but i made them for xmas gifts. now that i think about it  . its about time to make another quilt for the husband ? :)  

 I dont have a blog page but been thinking about starting one regarding my daily sewing adventures and projects i have made and working on but I am not to sure yet due to never doing one before or where to even start. 

Now that I''v rambled I am looking forward to meeting some fellow sewers :)

Hi Andrea, welcome!

I have not long been a member myself but you will find plenty of inspiration, knowledge and beauty around here. It's a great place to be!


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