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My name is Lynette. Most people know me as Lady Danburry. I grew up sewing because my mom was a seamstress. When I graduated high school I got an apprenticeship with a tailor. I opened my own shop when I was 21. I ran it for a while then I sold it. 

Now I'm focusing more on designing. I design, sew  and make art. I write a blog called Thinking In Shapes.

Love your blog - just had a look at it.  Welcome to Sew Weekly!

Thank you so much!

Welcome Lynette, good to have you here, guess you can teach us somethings :-) I'm already following your blog as well as your sister Jessica (She really inspired me when I started sewing for my son) I like the clothes you make they look so classy but in a I could wear this in real life kind of way.

Thank you Nora. I really appreciate it.

Yes your blog is fantastic! You have made lovely garments, very inspiring!

I hope you enjoy SW, it's a lot of fun!

Thanks Cathe.

Hiya Chloe - Welcome. I enjoy seeing what sewists with theatre backgrounds come up with as it is always a little more detailed or glamorous. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Cheers and Happy Sewing

Welcome to sew weekly.So proud you joined us. Happy sewing.

Hi everyone, My name is Ann-Marie, or more commonly, Ree. I've been sewing since I was 7 and I wanted a Laura Ashley Party dress but I grew up in a poor family so that wasn't going to happen. So mum and my Grandmother made a couple for me out of cheap cotton and I was hooked on the concept of turning something flat into something with shape in a few hours! Even today at 33 years of age, the concept still amazes me. I live in Western Australia and have worked in several fabric stores, and have even had my own business making Wedding dresses. I now work from home making costumes (I'm a belly dancer) and doing sewing jobs for people. I am known for having a disgustingly huge stash (staff discount in fabric stores is really BAD for space in your home) and this coming years task will be get rid of 2/3rds of it by making, selling, giving away. The hardest thing I have to live with that affects my creativity is that I am bi-polar. for 7 years I was on a large amount of medication for a depressive episode and 5 months ago I came off of medication all together. This means that when I go into a mania, I will sew non-stop, sometimes for days. I can make several outfits in a day. The issues with this is that after the mania subsides I crash and need to sleep for a week which gets me quite depressed. The stuff I create though sometimes blows me away so it's hard to contimplate going back on meds and possibly losing that ability.

This year I started a blog in an effort to document how I do things. The reason I am doing this is because about 4 years ago I had ECT done and I lost my memory. All up I lost about 4 years of my life. I don't remember meeting my husband or our wedding or all the beautiful wedding dresses and ball gowns I used to sew (or even the techniques I used!) :( When I see the odd photo of that time it feels very strange as there is no memory attached to that picture, I might as well be looking at a stranger! So I have learnt the value of documentation!  A false memory is better than none in my opinion!

The blog is very messy and needs alot of work but now that I am no longer working full time I hope to create something awesome, a resource not only for me, but for others too!

Hey Ann-Marie, Welcome. One of the things I love about this sewing community is the huge range of life experiences that every has to offer. I very much look forward to seeing what you create and hopefully seeing you relearn some of your lost techniques. Cheers and Happy Sewing.

welcome to sew weekly..  We have lots of fun and look forward to your postings.. hope you have lots of fun.There are some really nice ladies on here.. Happy sewing.


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