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I can't believe you only started sewing in Nov 2009 Debi, your stuff is amazing.  Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your two outfits so far, stunning, and I have already followed your link to find out how to make my own gathered skirt - finally a pattern easy enough for me I think!



Thanks so much Charlotte!  Definitely try the gathered skirt--it's a good pattern and she has fairly clear instructions (though I could have probably made mine longer as it didn't have a nice deep hem as she instructed--in fact, it barely had space for a hem at all! ah well...I managed to turn up some fabric and tack it in place and it stayed! :-)

Hi I am Sue and I have been following Sew Weekly for about a year.  I loved it right away and never dreamed it would turn into such an inspiration to my sewing.  I haven't sewed much lately but I plan to get going soon.


NOTE TO MENA:  I uploaded a picture thinking it would go to my profile but it didn't.  I found the place later where I was to up load a picture for my profile.  Ha ha.  I have no idea where the first picture went so if you find it and can delete it I would be grateful.  I just know it is in the middle of some place it is not suppose to be.  Sorry. :O

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jess and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I learned to sew when I was very small from my Mum and my Dad but I didn't really pick up sewing seriously until Uni when I had to relearn very quickly when I made costumes for two amateur comedy shows I was involved in. After I finished my boyfriend suggested I take up sewing more seriously. I haven't stopped since! One of my goals for this year was to become more active in my hobbies and for sewing this meant starting a blog and becoming more involved in the online community. So at the beginning of this year I started a blog. I'm also really excited about the new community resources that have sprung up this year like the sew weekly sewing circle. Thanks Mena! The time and effort on your part is really appreciated. 


Hi everyone! My name is Maggie and I currently live in Rome, Italy (for the next six months!) but I normally reside in New Hampshire. I have been following Mena's adventures for almost a year now. The whole process had been so exciting and has certainly sparked the need to get back to sewing. I adore vintage patterns, especially the 40's and 50's, but I don't have too much experience with them. My sewing blog is

I have been sewing off and on over the years, but have really started to focus seriously (instead of the yearly costume) over the past two years. I am super excited about this group and will have to try to join in on one of the weekly themes, but I fear that I may not be as speedy as some of you, but I will try :)

I can't wait...thanks to all the ladies who set this in motion! Hooray!!

I adore looking at vintage inspired designs so I look forward to your photos and your blog.

I too am super excited about this group, and about becoming a better sewer! Any tips are welcome!

See you around!



I'm Charlotte and I live in the UK. I like to sew but am rubbish at it really. I am currently making a kasia skirt (I saw it on burdastyle in their retro section and then realised that Mena had made one on sewweekly). I think the idea of sewing something weekly is amazing, I started the skirt three weeks ago and it still isn't finished.


I have just rooted out some blue material (for last week's theme! ha!) but until the skirt is finished I can't see much else happening...


I like vintage but the main problem is that I am too big for the patterns. I'm not enormous but I am curvy and there is no way my bust will fit into a vintage pattern....


Sewweekly is very inspitational. When my blog actually has some content (ie I have finished something) I will get back to you....

Hi Everyone!  My name is Amy and I live in Milwaukee, WI.  I started sewing in November because I couldn't find clothes in stores I liked.  I already had a sewing machine I had gotten as a gift a while back, and I thought I could dust it off and teach myself how to read patterns.  I became hooked immediately and I spend a lot of my free time sewing. 


I'm a summer girl and winter clothes have always made me really sad.  They're so drab and dark and boring!  I've spent the last couple months making myself pretty, cheerful, but weather appropriate vintage-inspired dresses.  I just booked a trip to Mexico and now I'm totally in vacation sewing mode.  I just made a sundress out of a 40's pattern, two 60's trapeze dresses, and a 60's bathing suit for the trip.


I like vintage clothing and I use mostly vintage patterns, materials, and notions.  I love a metal zipper!  I do make some modern patterns though (I love the brand New Look) but they always have a vintage feel. 


I started a blog and I would love to get feedback from someone other than my aunt and Mom.  I'm really excited to be involved in this community and see what everyone else is sewing!

Love your blog Amy, especially the beachwear. Great buttonholes! x
Hey Amy-it's nice to see that someone else is trying to have fun with clothes in freezing cold weather!

Thanks, Charlotte!


I should clarify that even though I learned to sew a long time ago, I only seriously started sewing in November.  I've had a machine for about 10 years but I didn't really know what I was doing and everything I made was basically terrible.  I still consider myself a newbie because until a couple months ago, I never actually made anything wearable.  I only mention this because my blog talks about some heinous half-finished projects I found in my basement when I moved.

tee hee, I will have to go back and have a good look, should cheer me up because I am quite good at producing hideous things by accident myself! Have you put on any pics?


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