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Hello all,

My name is Yvette, I love to sew- have been doing so for most of my life. I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters ages 3 and 10.  I  have lots of projects started for my eldest daughter but am embarrassed to say that I have been taking so long that the last dress I finished for my daughter did not fit because she grew so much!   Prior to being a SAHM, I worked as a patternmaker for over 20 years in the garment industry and now I am small business owner.  

Love looking at everyone's projects, so inspiring!!!!

Welcome Yvette - many of us specialise in UFOs so you are in good company :-) Looking forward to seeing your efforts. Cheers

Hello all! I trolled around a few days until I couldn't stand it anymore and joined! I need to do some serious housework before I can start sewing, its been a few years since I last sewed and Stitch (That's my sewing machine) wants to play! I'm so excited to see what creative people are up to. I live in a smaller town, and we don't have a lot in the way of variety and shops. Most places that come in quickly go out of business, so finding a community like this has resuscitated my passion for sewing, and rekindled my dormant creativity. I may be new, but I love you all already!


I learned sewing from my mother, and my grandmother on her side. I can't remember a time when I wasn't sewing, or doing something creative. My mom bought my sister and I American Girl Dolls, and I think that is when I actually fell head over heels in love.  My sister never cared for sewing (or her doll) so my Mom and I began sewing together, with her adopting my sister's neglected doll. I still have Kirsten, and have acquired quite a collection of others, along with several large tubs full of home made doll clothes. My roots are in doll clothes, and I still love sewing them, but I also took up quilting and costume making when I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). I still haven't made anything in the way of every day wear for me, but I think that will change very quickly. You are all such inspirations and I am looking forward to being able to grow and learn from every day people like me, bound by a craft we love!

Hi Larissa - Welcome. Glad to know I'm not the only one to name my machines (Husky and the Fourth Stooge - overlocker still waiting on name).  Get on with the housework so you can get started!! It's ever so much more fun to sew than clean :-) Happy Sewing.

Hi Lyrissa,

  Welcome to sew weekly.. Hope you have lots of fun..and enjoy it as much as I do.. All the girls are so nice..

Get that housework and join the  fun.. Happy Sewing. Judy

Hello all!


I'm so pleased to have found The Sew Weekly, what a great site. I'm Maria, 20, from England. I'm a student and split my time between Leeds and Cambridge. I've only recently started sewing but am loving it and hoping to improve quite rapidly. Some things can seem a bit daunting at first but I've sewing has taught me the value of perseverance.


I love how cheap sewing is; obviously I can't sew all my clothes (yet!) but it's made me realise how much money is in effect wasted on buying quite poor quality clothes simply because people have forgotten the skills to make them. Now when I'm in shops I find myself asking 'could I make that?'. The uniqueness of sewing your own clothes is fantastic. Why settle for the crappy fabric the multinational company has chosen when you could have your own just as you want it? I've not yet got pattern altering right but I can't wait to make my clothes fit perfectly. And best of all nothing beats the kick of answering 'I made it' when someone asks you where you got your dress.

Hi Maria - Welcome. With this much enthusiasm your sewing skills will grow in leaps and bounds. I too am still working on my pattern altering, but it is a lot of fun trying. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Cheers.

Hi Maria,

 welcome to sew weekly.. I feel exactly like you describe yourself.. Oh what choose your own look, your own fabric..  And what a thrill when YOu  get your fabric/pattern at a bargain. You get to hear..I made it myself..and I found this for ???$... so fun.. Happy sewing.

Hi Nell - Welcome. I too have done some quilting and am now enjoying clothes making. The great thing I have found about The Sew Weekly is that it helps me focus on a project as we get the theme and a week to complete (not that I always complete) but its a lot of fun and my sewing has really improved. Can't wait to see what you create.

Hi Nell.. welcome to sew weekly..  I too..have the thing of looking at fabric and patterns.. SO hard trying to decide what to do  next.. Love it!!

  Hope you enjoy. and I look forward to seeing what you make. Happy sewing.

Howdy y'all.  I started sewing (seriously, at least) about 2 years ago.  Originally, I just wanted to make my own Ren Faire costume, but have branched out into "modern" garments (as in post-Victorian era).  After giving my sister most of my tops from last year as well as a coat, I have a new mission: nail down pattern alterations to get a top that fits ME the way unaltered patterns fit her ... 


My idea of "fun" garments to sew include corsets and coats.


I'm also not very good at introductions LOL

Sounds like a good introduction to me...

 oooh like corsets and coats..They scare me,lol..  Cant wait to see what you make, Happy Sewing.


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